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Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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From the Editor: God moves in all of our lives. This Column features true stories by real people of the Power of Spirit. Transformational experiences with Spirit can include prayers answered, the power of positive thought, miraculous happenings, contact from departed loved ones, near-death experiences and many more. We invite you to share your experiences with us as an affirmation to all that God moves in our lives. Contact us by e-mail at info@naturalchoicejournal.com or by phone or fax.

During the birth of my third child, I experienced an unusual occurrence. Over the years, I have learned that it is not as unusual as I had originally thought.

My due date was November 27. Just past the seventh month of my pregnancy, I began hemorrhaging. I was admitted to the hospital and the bleeding was brought under control. On October 11, I began hemorrhaging again. I was taken to a room just outside of the delivery room. I felt very cold. I heard a nurse shout for some of my blood type. The next thing I remember, I was above the table watching all of these people working on me. I was no longer cold and was quite unconcerned about the fact that I was looking down at myself. I felt very peaceful.

The next thing I knew, I was back in my body and back in the delivery room. Thankfully, my son was born premature but healthy. He will turn 36, this year.

Pat King, Halifax, N.S.

I was visiting friends only about three weeks after the death of their father. Harry had been a wonderful man who always had a smile and looked out for everyone. He had died quite unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Everyone had gone to bed and all was quite in the house. I was sleeping in the spare room where I always stayed when I visited. About three in the morning, I was awakened by someone moving in the kitchen. As I listened, I could hear the foot steps coming towards my door. Just outside the door, they stopped and I had the sense that someone was standing in the doorway but I couldn't see anything. I felt very safe and protected and had no feeling of discomfort. I waited and waited and there were no more footsteps or movement. It was as if the person had stopped at my door and then disappeared. After a while I feel asleep again and awoke the next morning refreshed but puzzled.

I quizzed everyone in the house if they had been up during the night or if they had heard anyone in the kitchen. Everyone had sleep well and no one had heard anything. I shared my story and my friend's mother told me that her husband had a habit of getting up in the middle of night to get a drink. When he was up he also would check on everyone to make sure that they were OK. Maybe last night, Harry had stopped in to check on everyone.

It was a comfort to me and to everyone in the house to know that Harry was watching over us.

Beth MacKenzie, Charlottetown, PEI

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