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From the Editor: God moves in all of our lives. The " On Angel's Wing's Column features true stories by real people of the power of Spirit to transform lives. Experiences can be subtle or profound. Transformational experiences with Spirit can include prayers answered, miraculous happenings, out-of-body experiences, contact by departed loved ones, near-death experiences, and many more. To share your experience send your story to us at 32 Greenwood Drive, Charlottetown, PEI, C1C 1J3 or visit our website at www.NaturalChoiceJournal.com or call us at 629-1385 for an interview.

Have you ever experienced a headache? Have you ever actually seen a headache? The following account explains my first view of an actual headache.

I was attending an all day meeting where at the outset the participants were presenting reports which lasted from ten to fifteen minutes each. I had a chance to view everyone for this lengthy period of time and noticed that their auras or energy fields were revealing themselves immediately. I was enjoying listening to their reports & viewing their very bright energy fields. As the first three people completed their reports there was a space where there was no chair and then on to the next person. In the space, I could see what is to me the bright aura light or energy field that surrounds a person, but this was of a complete person. At first I thought it was an after view, something similar to when you close your eyes and still see an image. No matter what I did; closing my eyes, opening my eyes, looking away and then looking back - this bright light image of a person remained. It seemed as though the person was sitting at the table since I couldn't see any formation of their legs, even though there was no chair for them. Throughout the day I would look back over to that space and the bright aura person was still there. I wondered if it was the presence of a former member who had recently passed on.

Our reports continued and as the last person began to present, I noticed a light streaming upward from her head. At first I thought it was a reflection from the flip chart which was positioned right beside her. However when I adjusted my position in my chair it remained as strong as ever, coming out of the top of her head! I couldn't believe it. When I had taken my level ll Therapeutic Touch, I remembered one of the instructors mentioning that headaches could be seen and they were huge spikes of light coming out of the head and actually going right through the wall or ceiling. I was so excited I could hardly wait for her to finish her report, and take our break so that I could get over to her and ask the question: Do you have a headache?

Of course she did and related that it had been a whopper since the start of the meeting! I asked if she would mind receiving a treatment of Therapeutic Touch for headaches and she thankfully agreed. It was all over in about forty five seconds and her headache was completely relieved!!

Joan Savage RN, BN, RAC, TT lll, Reiki lll, Summerside, PEI

A number of years ago when I was living in Rothesay, New Brunswick I rented a house with the most beautiful gardens. The house had been empty for a while and I was looking forward to bringing the gardens back to their previous glory.

The house was bright and cheerful and I settled into it quite quickly. About two weeks after I moved in I was awakened abruptly at about six in the morning. The two cats who were sleeping on the bed with me were both standing at the bedroom door looking into the bathroom. The were startled and their fur was standing on end.

As I listened, I could clearly hear someone in the bathroom washing and moving around. As they walked I could hear the heavy steps of what sounded to me like big rubber boots. I didn't know quite what to do. I pulled on some clothes and began to move toward the open bedroom door. From the bedroom door, I could see the bathroom clearly and as I watched I could hear the footsteps move out of the bathroom and into the hall. But there was no one there! The steps continued for a moment and then seem to just stop. When they stopped, the cats seemed to relax and moved into the hall. I searched the house and found nobody and no signs that anybody had been there. The bathroom was untouched and nothing had been disturbed.

That day I asked around about the previous occupant. It seems that the elderly gentleman who had been there before me had been an avid gardener. He was retired and lived for his garden. He was up early every morning to get out into the garden to enjoy it and to work.

One morning after washing and getting ready to go to the garden he had a heart attack and died instantly.

He was found just beyond the hallway in the living room. After what I had heard the night before, it seemed to me that he was still getting ready each morning to visit his garden, and that what I had heard was him going through his routine.

That night I had a little talk with him. I sat in the bedroom and told him that he was no longer alive and that I would be happy to look after the garden. I told him he could visit any time and that he should think about moving on. I guess he heard me because I had no more morning visits by my unseen friend.

Barry King, Charlottetown , PEI

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