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Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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From the Editor: God moves in all of our lives. The " On Angel's Wing's Column features true stories by real people of the power of Spirit to transform lives. Experiences can be subtle or profound. Transformational experiences with Spirit can include prayers answered, miraculous happenings, out-of-body experiences, contact by departed loved ones, near-death experiences, and many more. To share your experience send your story to us at 32 Greenwood Drive, Charlottetown, PEI, C1C 1J3 or visit our website at www.NaturalChoiceJournal.com or call us at 629-1385 for an interview.

A few years ago, my uncle's son was to be baptized but we were unable to find the baptismal gown which had been handed down for generations and was considered a family heirloom. It was really on my mind because I was the last one to use it a year and a half ago for my son's baptismal.

After thinking about it, I was sure I had given it to my grandmother after the baptism. My grandmother had prided herself with how she cared for this family heirloom. Unfortunately, she had died over a year ago so we were not able to consult her.

Everyone in the family looked for it with no success. A few days later, I had a dream that I was in the old farm house with grandma, so I asked her where the gown was. She said,"Oh that's in Micheal's room in a bag." (Micheal is my uncle, grandma's son.) The next morning I woke up and didn't think much about the dream. My mother called to say they were going to clean grandma's house, so I mentioned the dream to her. Later that day my mother called back to say that she had found the baptismal gown in a bag in Micheal's closet.

Charlene Van Gurp,Belmount Ont.

One day my son, Matthew, who was four years old at the time, came up the basement stairs and into the kitchen with a strange look on his face. 'Mommy', he said, 'Bronwyn's grandfather is in our basement'. Bronwyn was Matthew's four year old best friend and on more than one occasion, I must admit, his partner in crime. She lived a few houses away on the same street as we did in a house very similar to ours. Her grandfather, a very elderly man, had passed into the World of Spirit a few weeks earlier after spending the last several years of his life living with her family. Matthew's comment certainly got my attention.

'What do you mean? Bronwyn's grandfather is in our basement? What's he doing there?', I asked. 'Nothing', said Matthew, 'Just standing by the freezer'.

I looked and saw only specks of dust drifting in the late afternoon sun. Although at that time I knew little about the Spirit World compared to my current awareness I seemed to instinctively grasp what had happened. I told Matthew. 'Go back downstairs and tell Mr. B. that he is in the wrong house. He wants to visit the house where he used to live. Just tell him to go six houses up the block to Bronwyn's house.

' Matthew didn't hesitate but promptly went back downstairs and in a voice that rang with the confidence of a child bid Mr. B. as I had instructed. He burst into the kitchen a few minutes later. Very pleased with himself he announced triumphantly, 'You were right, Mommy! He's gone now', and in the way of children went on to play happily with his lego. Matthew hadn't missed a step but I had to sit down for a minute. 'Imagine that', I thought, 'Mr. B. of all people showing up in our basement'. Very, very interesting.

Rev. Trish North, Halifax, N.S.

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