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Feature Essential Oil: Orange Zest

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Citrus Aurantium

Biochemical specificity: limonene, octanal Organ: expressed zest Origin: Ivory Coast Studies are being done in Europe on the effects of the essence of orange zest on depression. Early indications have noted some positive results in people who have from slight occasional depression to severe depression to bipolar disorder. In the studies, clients smell the essence of orange at regular intervals throughout the day.

For a sense of well-being and a relief of tension and stress, allow the scent to diffuse in the room or smell from a cotton ball or tissue several times a day. Bitter orange zest is a great oil for clearing blockages and improving the energy flow of the 2nd chakra. Apply 1 drop on the chakra or on the soles of the feet. It is a good subtle energy enhancer aiding in unconditional acceptance
- put one drop on the heart chakra.

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