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Destressing your Life with Feng Shui

by Lise MacLean

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(From an interview with Feng Shui expert, Dayile Egyedy, Halifax)

Feng Shui (Chinese for wind and water) is the oriental art of placement in the home or office. The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to use the natural elements of the earth to produce harmony and once harmony of energy flow is obtained, individual wellness results. Our home and office reflects our lives. We can use placement as a tool to decrease our life stressors and to improve our wellness. As we work with it, we see that it is a healing process that is fun to do. Experience the power of Feng Shui by trying the stress "cures" mentioned below.

There is a direct relationship between what is in our mind, our life and our home. Our homes shape our lives. If our lives are "STRESSING US OUT!!", and we want to reshape our lives, we need to `reshape ‘ our home.

Here is a basic application of Feng Shui touching only on the flow of energy and placement of objects as they relate within a given area or bagua. There are 9 areas or quas within a hexagon shaped grid. For further simplicity, we will express the bagua as it is found in the Magic Square. There are nine areas within the square, each with a number which represents a corresponding area of our lives.Improve the flow of energy in each area or qua and we improve or destress our lives.

Magic Square: The Baqua is a reference tool used to identify the life stations in the home. Our home, every room , office, desk, table etc. can be divided up into a magic square.

The entrance of the home that we use all the time is our front door and represents our life journey. If the front door is in the center of the wall of the home, that area represents our career (1). If the front door is to the left in that wall, the area represents our education (8). If the door is to the right, it represents travel, mentor (6) and helpful friends. We also enter each room or desk top at the front door. So, the far left corner is the fortune and blessing(4) qua and the far right corner is the relationship (2) qua and so on as laid out by the Magic Square.

Decreasing stress in our lives -The very first step is to clear the clutter. It disrupts the flow of energy and it confuses the mind. Anything that we have not used in the last six months needs to be put in the garbage or sent to the second hand store and the rest goes into orderly storage within a closed space. Get rid of all broken things, ie. broken mirrors because they lessen our wealth. Clutter will produce much stress on us. Keep our living environment clutter free so that the energy of the home can flow freely. Clutter will clog thinking, cause depression and money difficulties as well.

Next, look at the mid-left wall of the home - the health (3) direction. Place plants in this area to give vitalizing energy or chi. Place plants, incense or essentials oils here. Create a comfortable area here; sit in this area and do enjoyable activities: meditate, read, relax and healing will take place. If the bathroom is in the health (3) direction, place a pottery bowl of course sea salt on the toilet tank; change it before it darkens as it will turn black. Place round beach stones at the base of the toilet tank. Keep the bathroom door closed. But with the door closed, we need to keep the energy flowing so, place a small (4 inch) round mirror on the bathroom door. Drained and Unable to cope We will feel drained and less able to cope when we have a plant in the bedroom. So, remove it. No water, water beds or pictures of water should be in the bedroom either for they cause us to feel drained, lessen our sex drive and our wealth as well.

Feeling Unfulfilled - We all have a gift or talent and it can lead to true wealth of happiness through the exercising of our gift. This will give us a sense of fulfilment. When we use our gifts/talents, we give out energy and then get an immediate return which gives us happiness. Feng Shui will help us to find our path of what we are meant to do - in our lives - in a profession.

Money Problems - Place a hanging, living plant in the far upper corner (4) of the home. Use purple and something made of wood ie, a wooden frame; use an African violet and/or a purple ribbon to enhance the energy in this fortune and blessing corner.

Problems in or lack of a loving Relationship - Place two long red candle sticks (in two pottery candle stick holders) in the fair upper right hand corner(2) of our home. Also in this room, place two red pillows or two red hearts. Place something resembling the sun, stars or moon. Place a picture or statue of a couple in a sexual embrace. Place an ornament of two animals who partner for life and who are not `wild', ie. a pair of lovebirds, ducks or dolphins. For couples or partners, hang pictures of the two.

Problems with Children - Look at the right middle wall (7). Place plants here. Who is in power? When we are sleeping, we need to have our feet facing the front door for power and command.

Spiritual distress - As we work with the energy of the home, and as its flow of energy improves, our spiritual path becomes clear.

Career problems - Look at the entrance of our home. Is the energy blocked by a stair case? For a narrow entrance, place mirrors in it to widen the area. Place a fountain there to get the energy moving. A fish aquarium is good to do the same also. If the entrance is a split entrance, it creates energy confusion. Where the energy would go down, place wind chimes above to bring energy up. Keep the colors happy, and bright. Have a picture of an aeroplane going up into the air, hot air balloons going up or birds with their wings pointing upwards.

Place a mirror at the bottom of the stairs to expand. On the side wall going up, place birds there with their wings going up. These will help the work area and put us on a path of correction. The front of our homes should also be well kept and look inviting.

In-law problems - Remove their pictures or put a plant beside the picture for healing of our relationship with them. Burn incense.

Too much to do - We need help from family and friends. Look to the right by the front door(6). Place pictures of people you admire here and pictures of travel or luggage.

There are more advanced Feng Shui practices that may enhance our health and decrease the stress in our lives. Feng Shui is a methodical process to connect with your environment ( earth energy) By recognizing this, your life path becomes smoother. I believe that Feng Shui helps each of us understand the life path. Once you feel connected, you are able to " weather the difficult times" and accelerate the good times."

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