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Message shared through Spirit-Medium Rev. Barry King

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The following is an excerpt from a "Spirit Channelling Session" that I did on June 26, 2003 with one of our regular groups. I am fortunate to able to work as a Spirit Medium, allowing guides and higher entities from the spirit-side to speak directly to those gathered. In these sessions, there is usually a group or general message as well as more personal messages for each of those gathered. (The vessel that the spirit speaks of is myself. The process is relatively easy and natural for an experienced medium. It is without dramatics and most often very quiet and gentle. I do not go into a trance but I do achieve an altered state which allows me to step aside and let Spirit work through me. It is important to understand that this type of activity is not a game and should certainly not be seen as entertainment. It should be done only with the greatest reverence and in a safe and supportive environment by those experienced working with Spirit. Our sessions are taped and the following is not edited or modified but is written exactly as it was spoken.) Rev. Barry King .

David George ( One of Barry's Guides) speaking through Barry : Greetings and Salutations. We are in transition.

Spirit 1 speaking through Barry: How may I serve you this evening?

Session Facilitator: We would appreciate an uplifting message. Thank you for visiting us this evening. Do you have a message for the group you can share with us?

Spirit 1 speaking through Barry: I'll do my best. We are, you are living in an important time. You are on the edge of a transformation. You are on the cusp of new beginnings.

There is - to you - the children of this gem of a planet a new awareness awakening. This awareness will help you join with your sisters and brothers. Those who inhabit your universe - your locality in the universe - you are brothers and sisters not only in spirit but also in manifestations for you are part of a greater truth. You are part of a greater metamorphosis. You are becoming what others have already achieved. You are becoming what you can be. You, my children, have but an inkling of what this new reality may look like. Your scientist are only now discovering that they have missed layers of reality.

It is not only that which you see which is; it not only that which you can measure which is; it is in truth what you can imagine - which is. For the world that you live in - the world that you work in - the world that you play in is a manifestation of your thoughts, of your emotions, of the accumulations of vibrations which you as a people manifest through your society and through your intent. You with your renewed awareness will reject the world of materialism and embrace the world of creation - the world of the mind.

For it is in truth your thoughts which create your reality and your thoughts which dictate your future. This is especially apparent when you acknowledge that you are incarnated into your life through choice. You are incarnated into new lives through choice. Reincarnation is a fact. It is a choice that each of you makes. You choose when; you choose how; you choose the thought forms which will manifest. You are masters of the world that you live in yet you are masters of none for there is also a greater reality for life is purposeful. This does not mean that choice is not purposeful. It really means that you have things which you will accomplish - which you will achieve - which you will manifest and that is purposeful. You are in control of your physical reality. We from the spirit-side - we of the greater reality are able to assist, guide and support. We are able to send you love and compassion, to embrace you when you feel alone. We are builders. We are supporters of your reality but the source of all - the source of life and truth - manifests the greater reality.

You live in interesting times. You live in what may appear to be chaotic times. The simple life of the past is no more for you but know that beneath the surface - beneath the chaos - there is order; there is simplicity; there is law. Do not be fooled by the illusion of chaos and do not be fooled by the complexity of things as they appear. We are builders. We are shapers.

I am in transition I bid you farewell. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Spirit 2 speaking through Barry:
I am called to service. I too have a message for you all and then there will be one who will answer individual questions. I have been asked to make some predictions for the future. I do this but it is crucial that you realize that the future is something which you shape. Something which is moulded by each of you individually. The future is not absolute. It is true that when we deal with individuals, the future is more maleable than when we deal with societies and peoples and countries. We are, therefore, able to predict larger events with some accuracy.

It is also important to understand that sometimes predictions are made so that you - the people - can chose to bring about change. It is empowering to understand that change on a local scale can be manifested through the pure and clear thoughts of a relatively small group of people. The actions of a relatively small group of people can change the path of the future with significant effect. I tell you this not because there is great devastation that awaits you but I tell you this so that you will know that you as part of a community - a relatively small community - that can change the course of the future. It has been done to negative affect many times . It has been done to positive affect many times. It seems that people who are faced with large challenges which can create great good in the world are often easily discouraged and step off the path. This is a sad reality that we on the spirit-side attempt to change. Empowerment of the individual, of small groups, of all is important because it is small actions of positivity that can create large changes.

Humbly, I make some predictions for the future. There is a darkness growing in the place known as America. There is a darkness which threatens to overwhelm its people. The economy although strong will be weakened. There will be a new leader - a new world power - that will out perform America. This new power stands strong and young and ready to face new challenges while America shrinks beneath fear; shrinks beneath intolerance; shrinks from the challenges that face it. It is a sadness to see such power corrupted and to see good people misguided.

There is room for change but only after a realization is understood. That realization must be that violence begets violence; that war begets war; that hate generates hate. It is a harsh reality. It is a truth.

We pray that love, compassion and tolerance become masters in the near future to stem the tide. It will be clear that the seat of power has changed within six to eight months of this day .

We also wish to turn our eyes toward challenges of Israel and the Arab nations. Much work will be achieved in the months ahead but there are many generations of negative emotions and feelings to dissipate. This can be done and we hope that the peace effort which will be initiated within the next two to three months will reach fruition. They have great potential and they can manifest a new hope for these nations impoverish by fear.

It is also true that we see great social change and advancement in technology. The next three years will see significant changes in the technology available to all people. It will not change the world instantly but it will have the potential over time to alleviate many of the challenges that populations are now facing. There will be discoveries - significant discoveries in genetics and in the technological fields which will catapult peoples forward. We pray that these gifts are used wisely for they will help you as a people step into the next millennium and reach for the stars.

I thank you and I'm in transition.

Spirit 3 - Samuel speaking through Barry :
I am Samuel and I have been asked to answer questions. It is strange to be burdened by physicality. It is equally strange to be forced to be limited to the use of words for communication. It has been a very long time since I have had that limitation. I will, however, attempt to respond to your questions with as much clarity as language allows.

Do you have questions?

Session facilitator: Previously, spirit talked about a transformation - a change of consciousness. Can you expand on that?

Spirit 3- Samuel speaking through Barry:
I will reiterate some of the words spoken previously. That there is a transformation taking place in the people of this planet. There is an increase in vibrational level. This provides opportunity for you as a people - as a race of loving and compassionate beings - to communicate more readily with your brothers and sisters who are not of this place, who may not be of this vibrational level. There are infinite numbers of worlds within worlds. There are dimensions within dimensions. Humanity is moving towards a greater reality.

The day will come when you as a people will stand side by side with those who evolve before you. There is no mystery as to where the people who inhabited this planet went to. They moved vibrationally to a new level to leave opportunity for their brothers and sisters to grow and become unencumbered and at a speed which allow them the privilege of evolving. You are those children. You are evolving. Scientist will begin to notice soon the changes in not only the genetic make-up but also in the vibration of people.

You as a people are becoming more sensitive to the physical world around you. This is not, as some would say, a function of your physicality. It is a matter of your vibrational growth. It is but a matter of time before this becomes more evident.

There are children being born into the world today who are unable to function with the limitations of the physical world. This trend will continue but it is important to understand that the world that you are in is also evolving and that your thoughts, your positivity and negativity have a significant impact on this planetary being and its vibrational evolution. You are symbiotic. You are dependent on each other. There is change. Do you understand this?

I'm open to questions.

Personal messages followed.


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