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Message shared through Spirit-Medium Rev. Barry King

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The following is an excerpt from a "Spirit Channeling Session" that I did on February 27, 2003 with one of our regular groups. I am fortunate to able to work as a Spirit Medium, allowing guides and higher entities from the spirit side to speak directly to those gathered. In these sessions, there is usually a group or general message as well as more personal messages for each of those gathered. (The vessel that the spirit speaks of is myself. The process is relatively easy and natural for an experienced medium. It is without dramatics and most often very quiet and gentle. I do not go into a trance but I do achieve an altered state which allows me to step aside and let Spirit work through me. It is important to understand that this type of activity is not a game and should certainly not be seen as entertainment. It should be done only with the greatest reverence and in a safe and supportive environment by those experienced working with Spirit. Our sessions are taped and the following is not edited or modified but is written exactly as it was spoken.)

Guide 1: David George speaking through Barry: This vessel is in a time of transition. There will be changes in his vibrational level over the next six to eight months. This will cause a change in his vibration, in his connection to those of us who serve the light. There will also be a noticeable change in his appearance. He is in transition and is aware that there is change. His physical well being will improve as will his energy levels. ............. There is much to do for we are creating a vehicle through which the message of love, the message of eternal life, the message of responsible action, the message of hope is to be transmitted to an eager people.

We are busy working with many in the physical attempting to create a bridge - a bridge of awareness, a bridge of light, for there is much light waiting to be absorbed into the physical world but it is hampered by the negativity, intolerance and impatience of those who will receive. We, however, can assure you that we are patient, we are tolerant, we are forgiving and we know as with any child, it is the first steps which are the most difficult. We are there to hold the hands of our children as they step into a greater awareness, into a higher vibration into the work which must be done.

There is a plan. There is a cycle. There are some who know and understand this plan and this cycle. They are not heard, for it is not time. The message of Spirit is heard as it can be heard; is understood when it is time to be understood; is translated into action when action is called for.

There is a plan. There is order. What appears to be chaos to you is not. Count the days, count the years, for change is in the wind. We will, you will, transform into a more meaningful and purposeful undertaking. There is a plan. We celebrate the journey, we fill the hearts of our children with hope. We take the first steps. The marvel of the plan is that it is unknown and unseen by those who participate in it. Faith, right action, and love are the tools. I am in transition (meaning that a Higher vibrational entity is entering). I bid you farewell.

Session facilitator: You may share your wisdom with us?

Guide 2 speaking through Barry: Wisdom is a fleeting thing, my child.

Do you have a message for us as a group?

I shall share my humble offerings. Be assured that no one stands alone, it is the challenge of those who retain a glimmer of their spirit essence, a glimmer of memory of their spirit life to feel alone. For in the physical, you are separated through perception from not only the Source but also your connection to all others. I use the word perception, for that separation is but an illusion. You are not separated. You are not alone. You exist in perfection, but surrounded by illusion. You exist as an individual, but you are part of the body. You are not alone. We stand with you. We are connected to you. We support you and we assist you in the task that you have set for yourself.

In the time that you have in the physical - this time is fleeting. There is so much to do, so much to accomplish. Separated from the memory, it is hard sometimes to know whether you are on track, whether you move along the path or whether you will get caught and become immobile. Each of you, here in this room, is moving along the path. Each of you, in part because of your special perception and understanding feels more alone. For it is when we know what being connected to the Source means that we begin to understand the feeling of separation.

You each should congratulate yourselves for the courage it takes to move along the path and know that each of you has achieved much, even though there are days, and more days than we wish to acknowledge, that we feel we have accomplished little. Understand that much is hidden from you. Understand that this is how it must be. It has been said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, ignorance has also been called bliss, for not knowing is to many a great escape, and not understanding nor accepting responsibility is also a great escape. Those who are grounded in awareness and strive to move along the path can only hope to achieve that which they have set out to do. But the gift is the awareness that there is so much more. That there is much that moves below the surface of one's awareness, and that one can in time learn to connect with that. We on the spirit side, we guides and supporters of those immersed in the physical, are diligent in our attempt to bring support to those who feel alone - not because they do not know but because they do. It is my pleasure to speak to you this evening but be assured that I speak to each of you in the moments when you need to know that there is someone there to offer some support.

Understand, that the price one pays for awareness is awareness. Which means that you are not able to live the illusion and learn to be honest with yourself and celebrate your journey. We rejoice in the opportunities that you have to grow.

Session Facilitator: Thank you.

Guide 3: identified as "The Eye that Sees" speaking through Barry: It is a joy to immerse myself in the physical. I am the eye that sees. Can I answer any questions for you? There is one who will bring you individual messages, but I will attempt to answer any questions you might have. Speak.

Question: Will there be a war in Iraq?

Answer: The war is inevitable, it has been a certainty for some time now. It is, it fills us with great sadness to see that people still must solve their differences through violence. It will be, however, a very short war and it will bring about a significant change in the affairs in that part of the world. The war will be over almost before it starts and in truth the war has begun, it is merely a matter of the declaration. This is how the war will be over so soon after it starts. It has been being waged for some time now.

There has been great violence, bloodshed and hatred directed by both sides of this war. It will also become clear how futile such dealings are. Small fear-filled men create and perpetuate this conflict. It is moving towards closure. We do not want to see another conflict like this so measures are being taken to resolve the issues but war is an inevitable outcome.

Question: Are you drawing on Barry's mind to speak to us?

Answer: I am, indeed. It is important to understand that my language is not your language, that I draw on the meanings and understanding of this vessel to acquire my vocabulary. It is difficult to relay my own language or vocabulary through an untrained vessel. It is that the language of this vessel is the language that is most easily spoken by and through this vessel. It is not to say that other languages are impossible but it is uncommon for other languages to be used in this context. We now in spirit, in truth, do not use language, for we are connected through our minds, our spirits, our thoughts. We are not in my realm used to communicating through language, as you know it, so it is a limiting factor. You would also find that for this reason we would use terms that are common in this part of the world to express emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Question: What language did you speak in life?

Answer: The language that I spoke in life was Hebrew. I am a soul of some age and have not been in the physical for some time. My last incarnation was approximately twelve hundred years ago, since then I have been working with those in the physical who wish to bring spiritual truths to a waiting people.

I am in transition. It is my pleasure to bring some messages to you from the spirit side. I can also provide you with some insight and answer any questions you might have. Where should we begin? I will start with Debbie.

Question: How is a channeling session such as this different from a spiritual reading?

Answer: They are not that different. They are sometimes different in the sense that they are a bit more direct, but whether we speak directly or whether we speak through a vessel, the difference is not significant. It is important however to understand that at this moment I inhabit this vessel in a much more concrete way than I would through the other means. Mediumship of the type where messages are relayed normally through this vessel are of a different vibrational level, even though the messages may be the same, they are not as conversational. It is a bit more subtle.

Question: Is there a difference between our own intuitive guidance and a reading?

Answer: It is a difficult question to answer because the truth is a message from spirit is a message from spirit. It is also true that you do not need a vessel to receive a message as we speak to you directly. It is a function of your intuition to be able to hear us and a function of your nature to be able to hear us. However people have learned to resist our assistance and reject insight. It is sometimes necessary to do it through a third party, and this is why we work in this way. It is also very confirmational for a person to receive a message from a third party when the message is dealing with aspects of their life that are unknown to that party. There are subtle differences, but they are subtle. You with spirit vision should be able to see differences in the manifestations in the contacts that I work through now which would be different than when my connection is not as strong. I will leave that at that.

I am told that the time goes late, that it is time for us to leave. We are in transition. Thank you, children. Thank you, teachers. Thank you, messengers of the light. It is a difficult thing for all when we have knowledge and we must translate that knowledge into action in our lives. Ignorance is no longer an option. Know that we offer you support and stand with you and love you and in the fullness of time we will all stand together and celebrate in the land of Spirit. I bid you farewell.


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