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In this particular older big country home in the Valley, there are lots of stories of it being haunted. One fellow was trying to awaken his partner when he saw three older people he didn't know standing at the foot of the bed. He told them to "go and get out of here," and they left. At the same house a guest was in the same room one night. She felt that her bed was being lifted - she felt uncomfortable and didn't continue her stay.

I spend a lot of time working there by myself, I have never run in to anything except for this story. I had been in the house fora period of time. I always feel comfortable at this house and would never had associated it with ghosts, which I had sort of a fear about -it was the fear of the unknown. One night I was asleep in the same room and the bed was shaking. The shaking woke me up but I didn't think anything of it at the time. Later I heard about the other experiences and thought maybe I had encountered a friendly ghost.

Later I learned at a Message Circle that ghosts are just people who have died and don't know it yet. Before this I thought that ghosts were of a higher intelligence, on a different plane and that we as human beings didn't have the capacity to help them. All that has to happen is for someone who is sensitive to communicate with the ghost and encourage them to go to the Light. This was a very powerful message for me. A psychic or spiritual medium can find out why the ghost is staying here on the earth plane and with some good counseling skills or rapport help the ghost find the Light and make his or her transition to the other side to a much better place where they'll meet their loved one's. It is encouraging to me to know that we can help these confused souls to completely pass over and find their new home.

So if you are experiencing some strange phenomena - they may be hauntings. Call a psychic or spiritual medium to help release the soul and empower him or her to go to where they are supposed to - through the Light and on to the after world. Thus with your assistance they will get to where they are supposed to be.

Ann from the Valley

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