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On Angel's Wings


Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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My husband and I had been married for 10 years and trying to have children. We were getting frustrated and ready to realize that we weren't going to have children when our daughter was born. My father-in-law had passed away 2 years previous, and we would have loved to have had him see our daughter.

One day when my daughter was 2 1/2 my husband and I were talking about his father. At that point in strolled my daughter who proceeded to tell us she has met Grampie. We looked at her and said when? She replied "When I was in heaven with the angels, before I came to live with you and daddy."

To this day, she insists Grampie is her guardian angel and she used to see and talk to him when she was younger. This is something that I truly believe. She and I talk about it from time to time. She is now nine years old and feels very secure and safe because she knows her guardian angel is always there.


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