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In 1974, I was pregnant with my second child. I was 4½ months into the pregnancy, when I became quite ill. As a result of this, I had a miscarriage and was extremely ill in bed. One night, I was awakened by an extremely bright light. In the light, even though it hurt my eyes, I could make out a person. This person told me that the miscarriage was not my fault and that things were the way they had to be. Before going, the presence told me that things were going to be OK.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the tendency to feel guilty for things. This experience helped me put things into perspective. Even though I was upset, I was able to deal with the situation much better. I got through this difficult time more easily because of the words of encouragement I received from the light.

Susan Eaton, Brookfield, PEI

In the early 50's, my parents and the majority of my family moved to Colorado Springs due to a health problem my younger sister had. Over the years, we kept in touch by phone and mail. My father died in 1967 and after that my mother visited us a few times. My children grew up and my husband retired and life went on.

After many years of separation from my mother and brothers and sisters, all of a sudden I felt that I had to visit my family. So in the spring of 1989, I decided I was going to visit my mother in Colorado Springs in May for Mother's Day. When I called my sisters and told them, they all suggested that I wait until the next year so we could get together for Mom's 85 birthday. For some reason, I felt that this visit could not wait. I told them that I was coming for Mother's Day and that maybe I would come again next year for Mom's birthday.

As it turned out, everyone could come and it was the first time in 37 years, we were all together. My sisters came from Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado and Halifax. We had a great time and a wonderful visit with Mom. We talked and shared and laughed and sang. My mother had a wonderful voice and as we sang the songs of our childhood, someone had the presence of mind to tape us singing. We had a wonderful visit.

Today, I remember that special visit with great joy. I can sit and listen to the tape of us all singing together. I am particularly glad that I followed my instincts and went because my mother died Jan 2, 1990. She didn't make it to her 85 birthday.

Patricia King, Halifax, N.S.

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