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Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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A On Angel's Wings From the Editor: God moves in all of our lives. The " On Angel's Wing's Column features true stories by real people of the power of Spirit to transform lives. Experiences can be subtle or profound. Transformational experiences with Spirit can include prayers answered, miraculous happenings, out-of-body experiences, contact by departed loved ones, near-death experiences, and many more. If you have had such an experience send your story to us at 32 Greenwood Drive, Charlottetown, PEI, C1C 1J3 or visit our website at www.IntuitiveTimes.ca or call us at 629-1385 for an interview.I should add that this column is also a celebration of those who have the courage and faith to share their stories.

Healing Angel

I would like to share with you an experience I had about 15 years ago. I have been sensitive to Spirit all my life so experiences with those who were in the Spirit world had already confirmed to me the reality of a greater life and the survival of the Soul after death. I had, however, always tried to avoid such experiences because they made me different and I was not really sure how it all worked.

My wife, Sandi and I had been invited to a lecture and demonstration by the gifted spiritual healer, Sharon Forrester. During the lecture, I noticed a spirit unlike any I had seen before. It was a golden figure of a woman standing about 5 foot high. She floated about six inches off the ground. I could see her facial features, her delicate hands and a flowing gown which glowed with the most beautiful inner light. What made her truly special was the billowing energy I could see that moved at her back and which looked, as it billowed in and out, not unlike wings. This entity was clearly different from any I had seen before and was I believe a healing angel working with Sharon Forrester.

As I watched this angel would move out into those gathered and touch people and then move on. I guess it may sound odd to say this but this entity had an important impact on me because up to this point experience had suggested to me that angels were ministering souls who had choosen a path of service. There fore, I had felt that an angel would not look any different than any other disembodied spirit. But here was a real angel, separate and distinct from other types of entities.

She stood beside the healer. As Sharon talked the angel continued to move out into the audience and touch people. I closed my eyes and opened them again to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I asked those around me if they could see anything. They could not. The angel moved past me several times to touch people looking at me as she passed. I watched this for over a half an hour before Sharon began doing a healing on a volunteer.

Watching the healing was very confirmational for me. The angel's behaviour was quite unlike anything I would have expected. When Sharon began the healing, the angel stepped into Sharon. I could see the angel's hands and arms superimposed over the Sharon's with the billowed energy (wings) being clearly seen at the back of the healer. Unexpectedly when Sharon moved her hands to the waist of the person receiving the healing, the angel crouched. Even though Sharon remained standing, I could see the image of the crouched angel superimposed over her and from her waist came the angel's hands and arms to meet Sharon's hands.

After the experience, I shared it with Sharon who was aware that a healing angel worked with her. Like most people, except for sharing it with my wife Sandi, I kept the experience to myself. A few weeks later, I was at another workshop and met a man who had been at Sharon's Healing Workshop. He describe to me an angel he had seen. In every detail, it was the angel that I had witnessed.

For me this experience was a confirmation of the presence of God in our lives. It proved to me that angels do exist, that they are distinct from spirit people and that they can bring healing. I believe that the experience helped set me on a path of service to share with others the message that we are all eternal and that God moves in our lives no matter what faith we are.

Rev. Barry King, Charlottetown, PEI


Christmas Angel

Will you please try to visualize the layout of my home? It is a two story, cape cod with four rooms on the lower level. A kitchen and den at the back of the house and a living room and formal dining room across the front.

The living room is warmly decorated for yet another Christmas Eve. As I stand and look at the tree, with its lopsided ornaments and lights, I am overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and quite a bit of anger. My three children, ages 5, 7 and 9 and I had hours of fun decorating this tree, writing letters to santa and preparing lunch for him again this year. Now it is time to assemble the toys, fill the socks, etc.

Again this year, the children's father has promised to stay sober and help with this task. He is dead to the world and loudly snoring and sleeping it off in the den. I look at the toys, one in particular - a small pool table for my youngest son that needs to be assembled. Other things need to be arranged or assembled, as well. Again, I stand alone with this task. I will admit that I felt like just leaving things the way they were and let the children awake to a different Christmas. Of course, I would not. I looked out the window to see the big soft flakes of snow falling. There was not a breeze. The night was exceptionally peaceful and calm. Tears started falling and I began to feel sorry for myself.

There was a knock at the front door. I opened it to face a young man of about 30 with fair hair and a tweed suit jacket. He stated that he had just run his car off the road down the street and asked if he could use the phone. It was not unusual for cars to miss the turn at the end of our street. I told him the telephone was in the kitchen. I was a bit nervous about allowing a stranger into my home at 1:30 A.M. so I told him my husband was resting on the couch and to try not to disturb him. As if anything could disturb him in his state!

From then on, these are my only recollections of the rest of the night. This young man was sitting on the chair in my living room. I can see his jacket laying over the back of the chair. I know we talked but I cannot recall one word of the conversation. I can, however, clearly recall that I smiled and laughed and felt so very much at peace. Many people have asked me if I asked him questions...what was his name, where did he come from, etc. I do not know the answer to that; I just know that I asked him nothing. Hours passed , toys were all assembled and placed around the tree, socks were filled and put at the feet of the children's beds.

Then he left. The lights were out in the dining room, so I strolled in there to watch him walk away. As you may have guessed, I saw nothing. There were no footprints in the new fallen snow and no one to be seen. I grabbed my boots and went outside into the most beautiful night. I ran to the spot where he told me he had gone into the ditch. There was no car and no signs of tracks on the street. I was not frightened. I was feeling confused but strangely, very much at peace. I went back home and called the only place I knew to be open on Christmas Eve. The man at the Government Garage said he had received no call asking for a tow truck.

I slept and awoke very rested. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. I told no one this story and months went by. Another Christmas was on the horizon and early Christmas Eve, as I walked by the telephone, I instinctively picked it up - it did not ring- and it was the voice of that young man who helped me the previous Christmas. All he said was..."do you need me this year?" My response was a very quiet and grateful "no, thank you, not this year". He called every year on Christmas Eve until my youngest son reached the age of 14. God sent me an angel. I will always feel so blessed.

Lorna Glenn, Charlottetown, PEI


Guardian Angel

In October of 1999, I was going to Ontario to my husband's retirement with my two children and my sister. As we were packing up our van, I had run down to the bathroom to check for toothbrushes, etc. As I glanced in the mirror on the way out I saw an image behind me so I stopped and looked again. There was an image in the mist and I quietly asked myself is this a warning. I said a little prayer and knew that whatever happens I would be protected.

Off we headed, we left N.B. at about 7:30. Initially I drove and at about 1:30 a.m. my sister suggested that I rest and she drive for a while. I went to the back of the van and laid down. I was back there for no more than 5 minutes when I said to my sister " I need to drive, pull over. " In my head, I kept hearing the words, "you need to drive". I couldn't shake.

About 10 minutes after I started driving again, two transports came up behind. One passed and we was between both of them. All of a sudden, a car came up behind me. When I glanced down at it from the van, I did a quick double-take. The dash was all lite up and I could see the steering wheel but nobody was in the car driving. I thought to myself, "Okay, don't say anything or they'll think you've lost it." The car put on it's signal light and pulled ahead of me and slowed down, and in turn, I had to slow down. The two transports went on ahead. My son, who was in the other front seat, turned to me and said "mom...mom, there is nobody driving that car." My sister and daughter sat up immediately and looked and were quite shaken. The words that came into my head were "Change the pace. Get off the road." The car then put on it's signal light and pulled over to the right and across the field (there was no road). I knew instantly that I had to get off the highway. I pulled into the next exit and stopped at a gas station and filled up for $4.00.

I heard a voice say in my head "It's OK to go now." We pulled back onto the highway and about 5 miles down the road, the two transports who has passed us and 5 vehicles were all involved in a major accident. If we had not got off the road we would have been involved in the accident to.

I know it was my Dad who came to protect us. The car that we had seen that disappeared into the field was one just like he had owned and drove. My Dad died about 19 years ago and I held his hand that day. We are still very connected and he comes to warn and protect me. Since this occurrence, he has warned me twice on the highway.

Mary Firth-Irving, Campelton, N.B.

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