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The Rose

by Patricia Holland

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September 2002 was a challenging time for me, both physically and emotionally. My grandson, Jeremy, was leaving PEI to work at Emerald Haze Lodge in BC. He had been living with me for five years and I knew I would miss him dearly, but it was time for him to explore life on his own, and my heart wished him a safe and joyful adventure.

I also was faced with a decision. Since 1987 I was faced with health problems time and time again. Jeremy was to fly to Calgary the later part of September, and I was booked for surgery the first of November. I hoped this surgery would give relief to a chronic condition that had bothered me for 2 years, and had sent me to the hospital for an overnight stay on several occassions.

One Sunday before the surgery, a friend suggested I go with her to a Healing Service that the Reverends Barry and Sandi King were holding at the CP Hotel. I had attended their wonderful meetings before and was overjoyed and looking forward to being a part of the wonderful energy and circle of friends I knew would be there.

After the Service, I spoke to Reverend Barry about the fear and indecision I had about the surgery and the impact it would have on my body. Because of past unpleasant experiences I had developed a fear of hospital procedures. I needed some confirmation that I was making the right choice.

After giving me an energy healing, Reverend Barry advised me to seek the answer through my meditation. ‘Focus on a Rose’ he said ‘and then let it go. If you see the rose coming back it is a good sign to go ahead with the operation.’ My early morning meditation found me trying Barry’s suggestion. After thirty minutes of trying to still my mind and visualize a rose, I finally gave up as my mind seem clouded with thoughts of Jeremy leaving and my surgery. Later that evening before bed I tried again but still was unsuccessful. That same week I was helping Jeremy move from a small apartment he had rented with a friend two months earlier.

After what I thought was the last trip to gather his personal things and take them to my apartment, he suddenly announced, almost in a panic, ‘We have to go back, I forgot something really important.’ To me this forgotten treasure could only be a poster, CD or a special T-shirt. Sitting in the car waiting as he rushed in the door, I said a silent prayer again with the special rose in mind. Moments passed and my grandson opened the car door and settled in his seat. I glanced over, curious to see this forgotten treasure we had to return for.

Only minutes had passed but it seemed like forever before I could speak. Held gently in his hands was the most beautiful dried red rose I had ever seen. ‘This rose,’ he said, ‘was given to me by a special friend, with the promise to ‘Give It Back’ if I ever decided to leave.’ I looked over at this young man with my heart so full of love and gratitude, I could hardly speak.

Over the years, we had grown so close and I had given as much love and care as I possibly could to him. In one brief moment he had repaid all that love by giving me a wonderful message that I felt had came only from the spirit, through a simple rose. He had not only given me my answer but also the courage and faith to act upon it.

The symbolic rose continued to appear in my life right up until the time of my surgery. A lady by the name of Rose appeared at my home to buy an item I had placed in the paper. While waiting in line at a take-out restaurant the waiter called out ‘Is your name Rose?’ An old music tape found its way into my car cassette recorder and the sounds of ‘My Wild Irish Rose’ filled my ears and heart with peace. A friend from away sent a large bouquet of flowers, and all I could think of each time was a quote from the bible, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ For me, roses live in full bloom regardless of the season.

I feel blessed to be able to share this lovely message from spirit with you. I know that the power I had been given and received will conquer all fears and answer all prayers. Don’t give up, live in the spirit and the spirit will guide you with peace and empowerment.


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