..The Intuitive Times
Connecting to Spirit


The Various Realms of Spirit

by Mark Macy

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Radio and TV signals fill the room we are in right now, and if our eyes and ears were built a little differently, we would actually be able to see and hear them, just the way we can see sunbeams streaming through the window onto the furniture and hear the cat purring on our lap. We might be overwhelmed by the many songs, the radio and TV personalities, and the comedies, dramas, news programs, and action movies all competing for our attention.

This room is also filled with countless realms of existence beyond the physical world—all teeming with life—and again, if our eyes and ears could see and hear those nonphysical realms, the room would be incomprehensibly crowded, and we would be completely overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the many entities here among us.

As it is, the radio and TV signals vary in vibration or frequency, so that each signal remains distinct even though they're all jumbled together in the same space. That way, the electronic circuits within a TV or radio can tune-in to a single signal, allowing us to hear only one program sent by only one station. The signals are separated from each other by frequency, so they can't overwhelm us.

Likewise, the many realms of existence all inhabit the same space, but each realm remains distinct by its vibration. In this case it is not a radio or TV frequency, but rather the vibration of consciousness that makes each realm of existence unique and discrete, so that the inhabitants and activities of that realm aren't disturbed by the many other beings inhabiting other realms, all teeming with life.

We can learn to tune-in to some of these many realms through meditation, in which we learn to adjust the vibration of our consciousness. Theoretically, if we had the right technologies we could tune-in to the various realms with radio- and TV-like devices. Well, the theory in this case is starting to become reality. We are beginning to learn what kinds of technologies it will take to get in touch with those other realms. That's what ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, is all about.

As you might imagine, before developing such technologies, it is helpful first to understand the nature of the various realms. It's not an easy task, since the various realms of existence are virtually infinite in number and variety. Through the centuries, different schools of esoteric thought and different religions have tried to classify them in different ways. Hinduism, Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and more modern institutions such as Eckankar and The Monroe Institute, all have their own systems to classify the various realms.

I have explored many of those systems, and my colleagues and I have actually talked to many of the beings in the various realms directly through technologies, and the result is an exceptional classification system in terms of simplicity and appropriateness to human minds and human lives in today's world. If God or Shiva or Archangel Michael or a little gray E.T. or dear, departed Aunt Martha were to classify the various realms from their perspectives, the classification system might be very different, but for us humans here on Earth, I believe you will find the following system to be remarkably comprehensible.

The physical realm is composed of comparatively dense, slowly vibrating matter and energies. Our own vast physical universe with its many stars and galaxies is little more than a handful of sand along an endless, cosmic beach.

The quantum realm is a buffer zone between the physical and astral worlds. From our perspective here on Earth, it is a place to tie up loose ends after we die and prepare to move on to paradise. It has also become a rather troubled place.

The astral realm is a place of form and structure much like our own physical world, though the structures and activities in the astral realm are more malleable—adapting more smoothly to the thoughts and intentions of the astral residents, who include most people who once had lived here on Earth.

The ethereal realm is a formless world, consisting of pure consciousness of its ethereal inhabitants, who exchange information more efficiently and in greater quantity than the supercomputers of our world.

God or the source, is at the center of all this. In fact, it is the pure Light emitted by God which manifests as everything in every realm of existence.

As mentioned, all these realms exist in the same space, and they remain separate and distinct by the vibration or frequency of consciousness which forms each realm.

Quantum Realm

The quantum realm is a buffer zone between the physical and astral worlds. When we die and shed the physical body, we normally live on in the quantum realm for a few days. We still possess a body of form and structure nearly identical to our physical body, but lighter, subtler and more vibrant. This after-death interlude is supposed to be a gentle, relaxed time during which we get acclimated to our newfound freedom and lightness of being, and we tie up loose ends of our recent lifetime before moving on to paradise. We might visit friends and loved ones at their bedside, when their minds are in that half-awakened state in which they are consciously attuned to the spirit worlds, so that they can see our smiling face and hear our thoughts. Then, after a few days in the quantum realm, we move smoothly into the astral worlds and settle into a life of bliss, enjoyment and good service.

That's how it's supposed to happen, but things are not always as they should be in the spirit worlds today. While the quantum realm is supposed to be a gentle, relaxed area for everyone who leaves the Earth, it has developed dismal pockets of darkness and negativity where some people get stuck for awhile before moving on to the paradise of the astral worlds. These pockets of darkness have been created mainly by humanity's spiritual ignorance and misunderstanding, which results in a fear of death, and they have become a significant problem.
They boil over and spill back onto the Earth to stir up more negativity here, and they present an obstacle to many people leaving the Earth and looking for paradise.

Formation of darkness. As we approach death, we are supposed to be aware of the paradise that awaits us, and our thoughts and feelings of anticipation can then give us an inner joy and peacefulness which we carry along into the quantum realm at the moment of death. Most people make their transitions in that peaceful way. If ALL people died in that fashion—anticipating the beauty that awaited them—the quantum realm would be a place of delightful expectancy. Instead, some people on their death beds are wrought by uncertainty, remorse, and fear. Many people don't believe there is an afterlife. They think that when they die, that's the end. They regret that they didn't accomplish more while they were alive. They regret leaving loved ones behind whom they'll never see again. They desperately want to stay on the Earth, and their desperation sometimes reaches the level of panic. The troubled feelings present an obstacle on the road to paradise.

Most people on their deathbed have vivid dreams and visions of departed loved ones who approach them, beckoning them home, and those visions are supposed to be reassuring. Individuals who don't believe in afterlife are usually confused and often terrified by the sight of "dead people" in their presence. Some newly deceased people struggle intensely to escape the people in spirit who have come to help them find paradise. They struggle to stay attached to Earth and their living loved ones. Sometimes these confused, troubled individuals without physical bodies remain in a house on Earth, refusing to leave—trapped by their own fears and misunderstandings. Sometimes they are drawn into the pockets of darkness in the quantum realm which are inhabited by other confused individuals. So, when individuals who are caught up in fear or remorse leave their physical body, they carry intense, negative vibrations with them into the quantum realm.

Confused, troubled individuals in the quantum realm are often obsessed with the physical world, and they shun the spirit worlds. They are attracted to the spiritual light or energies of living humans, and if they remain close to a person on Earth, that person experiences the confusion and troubled emotions in their own life. This is a situation often called "spirit attachment." Today there are many deeply troubled souls in the quantum realms struggling to remain attached to the Earth, and they sometimes become entangled in the lives of unsuspecting people here. That causes a serious disruption in many people's lives.

The challenge of humanity today is to spread the word of spiritual reality as quickly and as widely as possible, to wash away the fear of death which feeds the pockets of darkness in the quantum realm. It is time to restore the quantum realm to its intended state of gentle anticipation—a place of smooth and happy transition from a lifetime on Earth into the paradise of the astral worlds. And that is one chief purpose of World ITC.

Astral Realm

The astral realm is a world of form much like the Earth, though astral structures are easier to affect with thought and intention. Compared to our dense and heavy physical world, the astral world seems wispy and ethereal to us, but not to astral residents. Their world seems as solid and real to them as ours seems to us.

The astral realm contains many, many divisions of varying vibratory rates. Energy healers and others often divide the astral realm into the "fourth level, or mid-astral dimension, and the "fifth level," or higher astral dimension. In any case, the lower that the vibration is in the astral realm, the denser the substance. After we have shed our physical body, most of us reportedly "wake up" in our astral body living in the specific astral region in which substance is vibrating at a rate compatible to the substance of our astral body. This is sometimes called our home frequency.

During our lives on Earth and beyond we determine our vibratory rate by our thoughts, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Fear and resentment produce low vibrations, while love and awe produce high vibrations. Devotion to a community raises the vibration, while isolation and separation lower it. Learning with an open mind raises the vibrations, while orthodox closed-mindedness and the resulting prejudice (whether religious, scientific or political) lower them. Attachments to worldly things create low vibrations, while calm detachment in the Eastern tradition produces high vibrations.

The astral realm is much like Earth, though more mental, less physical. In the spirit worlds thoughts create reality, so as thousands of people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the worlds in those subtler planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Researchers in many countries report messages from "the other side" describing concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and homes much like those on Earth—but often much more magnificent—all set in landscapes of trees, flowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that, again, are like the landscapes here but much more lovely and breathtaking.

The astral realm is a buffer zone between a dense Earth plane rife with deception, fear and violence, and the higher, subtle realms of pure love, Light and wisdom. People in the astral realm can rest up and enjoy paradise to its fullest before deciding what to do next. Some people will reincarnate fairly soon to learn more of life's lessons or to take on special missions in the physical realm. Others will work with an ethereal guide to learn how to purify the mind and, in so doing, to raise the vibration of consciousness so that they can ascend to higher levels in the astral realm, and eventually find ultimate freedom in the ethereal realm.

Not everyone moves on right away, however. Some departed souls like the astral planes so well that they choose to stay for centuries. Others reportedly return to Earth for one reason or another to experience another lifetime in a new body.

Some astral residents still sit around the campfire as they used to do in their primitive earth life. Others meet in modern halls of congress surrounded by technical equipment. They give lectures about life after physical death. Still others do not even know that they have died. We have been told of skeptical scientists who hadn't believed in afterlife during their lifetimes on Earth, and now that they reside in the astral worlds, they no longer believe in life in the physical realm. Some residents have been living for over a century. Some live in castles, fortresses or beautiful mansions, others in tents or teepees—whatever makes them comfortable. New arrivals have the opportunity to get to know people-in-spirit of all ages of human history and to meet unfamiliar, intelligent beings of non-earthly origin. The astral realm is shared by new arrivals from Earth, goblins, animals, fish, nature spirits, giants, and others. How readily a newcomer can accept the many new and unusual things is one factor determining how quickly he or she can move on to the subtler dimensions.

The astral body absorbs everything it needs for its health and well-being from its surroundings. There is no real need to eat, as astral residents breathe in their nourishment. Still, astral residents can eat if they have the desire, and most people fresh from the Earth carry that desire with them. There is no need for sex, as there is no pregnancy in spirit, but sex also can be enjoyed in the astral realm by those who made it a major part of their lives while on Earth. Eventually there will be more important things to do than following terrestrial patterns.

There are many astral communities or regions differentiated by vibration and the interests of their inhabitants, and they are typically clean, pure and well organized. All communities are inhabited and have ample lakes, rivers, and oceans. There are no pests or predators. Climate is always spring-like with occasional precipitation in the form of glowing snowflakes or multicolored, shiny raindrops. The environment glistens.

New arrivals are usually drawn to an astral family of people with whom they are compatible spiritually and mentally. They suddenly find themselves without the physical body that needs to be fed, clothed, sheltered, exercised, and rejuvenated everyday with several hours of sleep. Suddenly they have a great sense of freedom.

The astral body is impervious to temperature and wind. When the body is cut or hurt it is healed instantly at will.

Ethereal Realm

The ethereal realm is a place of divine inspiration free of earthly desires and conflict. The beings in these dimensions cause many of the artistic and technical breakthroughs on Earth by sending silent messages to its inhabitants. Many of the brilliant artists and scientists who die on Earth wind up here after a short stay in the astral planes, where they learn to purify their mind. It is a realm free of structures, so people inhabiting this realm exist as formless consciousness.

Esoteric schools have divided the ethereal realm into various dimensions, which sometimes include the mental-causal, celestial, and cosmic. The mental-causal plane is said to be on the border next to the astral realm, and the cosmic plane is where the spirit and soul merge with the source.

The ethereal realm is the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great beings.


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