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The following are some comments from people who have had readings . I share them with you with their permission. A reading by nature is relaxed and positive with insight being provided in a constructive way. I hope the comments below will give you a sense of what a reading is like.

"My reading with Reverend Barry King was an incredibly spiritual experience. I felt very loved and guided as he gently brought clarity to a few situations that required exploration. And messages from loved ones who had passed on years earlier brought with it new found wisdom and closure . . .I left the reading with a sense of resolution and inner peace."

Judit Rajhathy
Health Advocate
Well-known author of "Free to Fly"

"I have had a number of reading with Rev. King. Barry's readings are IMPRESSIVE, insightful and sensitive. I found the sessions to be very enlightening. The most impressive thing was when he described that this spirit around me had something wrong with his arm - it wasn't broken, but there was something wrong with it. I knew that this was my grand father who had lost his arm in a mill accident. To me this was very confirmational and removed any skepticism that I had."

Sandi Reddin, Charlottetown, PEI

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Barry for a number of years. He is a very gifted and talented psychic who uses his gifts with the utmost integrity. I am always impressed by the accuracy of the reading and how he can zero in on the challenges I'm facing at the time. Every reading leaves me feeling spiritually renewed and energized."

Lori Devine, Charlottetown, PEI

"I have had two readings with Barry and am eager to have more. I have found the readings to be very genuine and true to my own life. It has been an incredible experience which has opened a lot of doors for soul searching. The readings have been very healing and have added another dimension to my own feelings about my spiritual life by offering a medium through which I feel more connected and more in tune with the spiritual world."

Laura Gauthier, Rustico, PEI

"In 1995, I sought a "reading" from Rev. Barry at which time he told me that my "sibling" was looking for me. Not only was I an only child, I was also well into my 40's, so I thought "what an absurd comment" and promptly shoved it to the back of my mind. Much to my surprise in March 1997, I received a letter from my Aunt, stating that in 1943 my mother had a baby girl, placed her for adoption, and now that baby, my half-sister was wishing to meet with me. Suffice to say I was completely flabbergasted."

Mary Dzyndgel, Charlottetown, PEI

Barry came highly recommended as a medium and as someone easy to talk to. I was a bit nervous but felt comfortable almost immediately. He brought a number of health problems to my attention; some were known to me , but I was unaware of several others. These were later confirmed by my doctor, and treated. I had not expected this kind of help, and I am very pleased.

Rev. Barry asked me about my Mother. He correctly suggested that I had a lot of unresolved issues with her. He urged me to talk to her and come to terms with my feelings. Several times he made sure I understood this matter was of some urgency, and needed to be attended to as soon as possible. My mother passed away less than a week later, completely unexpected.

I am impressed with the accuracy of Barry's information at his readings. He is truly gifted.

Marilyn Keefe, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Barry and Sandi's spiritual readings are special and unique because they speak directly to Spirit on your behalf. It is an empowering and enlightning experience. They go well beyond predicting day to day happenings - they help put you back on your spiritual path. No matter what the question or concern I have taken to Barry and Sandi, I have always received wonderful support and advise."

Cathy MacArthur
Summerside, PEI