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Being Psychic
by Rev. Barry King, PhD.

I have always been sensitive to the world of Spirit. As a child, I remember a small white ball of light which would float just above a day couch in my room and sing to me at night. The singing was in a woman's voice and was the most beautiful, calming sound. Today, I know the light was an angel and the singing was an angel's voice.
I can still hear it in my mind today.

I also remember going to sleep at night and waking up in a place where the kindest and gentlest people would talk to me and show me around. They looked beautiful and healthy and were filled with light and joy. While I was visiting, I was conscious of my body being back in the bed asleep and even though everyone was very nice, I would try to make my body wake up because I was not suppose to be talking to dead people (people in Spirit). In time, I trained myself not to have these experiences. I still have vivid memories of those excursions into the Heaven world. It is also important to know that I was not aware that everyone was not having these experiences. They were normal to me and I assumed they were normal to everyone. It was only as I grew older that I became aware that the experiences I was having were considered unusual. I had to wait until I became an adult and found the Interfaith Ministry before I was able to allow my gifts to manifest in a meaningful way.

The more that I work with Spirit and psychic phenomena, the clearer it becomes to me that all things are possible. That just as we are infinite and eternal, so are the potential manifestations of Spirit in the physical world. When thoughts are things, all things have the potential to take form and manifest if given enough energy. That is why what we think and how we think is so important. Our thoughts have the power to shape and mold the world we live in.

We are a Spirit encased in a physical body. As Spirit, we have a number of natural gifts that we have inherited. These gifts include such things as clairvoyance, clairaudience, aura sensing, prophesy, divination, healing and others. These gifts are as natural as taking a breath of clean fresh air. To some in the physical, psychic gifts come easier than to others just as the ability to play a piano or do math comes easier to some. We all have gifts and everyone is psychic. We all have the ability to work with the unseen world. It is natural because we are Spirit.

To me, today, the reality of the Spiritual realms and of God is not a matter of faith but is an absolute truth based on personal experience. I have been blessed with experiences whose foundations in the physical world allow me to testify with absolute assurance that we are immortal and that God moves in each of our lives. I have now been working as an intuitive for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to do many thousands of readings. These readings have provided me with the many personal proofs and confirmations as to the reality of Spirit

Readings are by nature positive and constructive providing people with the tools they need to meet the challenges they have undertaken. When beginning a reading it is not necessary to ask the client why they have come, Spirit knows the issues and addresses them in a loving and gentle way. Even today, I stand in awe of this wonderful gift and the power it has to heal when shared through love.

A year or so ago, a man came to me for a reading. This man was clearly not one who visits a psychic on a regular basis. Still, Spirit had brought him to me. When he walked into the room, I became aware of his son who was in the Spirit world. His son was sitting in a red sports car and looking very happy and comfortable. The car was a shiny new convertible with bucket seats and white- walled tires. When the man sat down, I told him that his son was there and described the car he was sitting in. The son said that he wanted his father to know that he was fine and that he was still enjoying traveling around in the car. He also told his father that he should stop worrying about him. He had made the transition into Spirit comfortably and was enjoying his new life. His father was by now in tears and told me that the car I described was the car his son had been killed in two years earlier. He also told me that he had not been able to stop worrying about his son because he had died so young and tragically. He had not been able to let go. After he and his son shared some more of their thoughts, his son retreated back into the Heaven world.

I could see a great weight being lifted off the man's shoulders as he spoke to his son. That day, that man left knowing that we are eternal and that his son was alive and well in the Spirit realm. He also knew that they would be reunited when he made his transition.

I would like to share with everyone the wonderful feeling of standing with a foot in both worlds. I am here to tell you that no one is ever lost from the heart of God and that each of us in our own way, in our own time, will know and understand our Spiritual heritage. We are all Spiritual beings. We are all psychic and connected to Spirit. To some, it comes easier and in greater measure but it is a natural birthright for us all. Unfortunately, many of us reject our natural connections to the Spirit realms as we become immersed in the physical world and modern society.

I would like to share with you a few basic thoughts relating to a spiritual life.

You do not have a soul, you are a soul.
Even though you are housed in a physical body, you are not a physical entity.
You are eternal and of Spirit.

You have been given free will.
We have been given the opportunity to choose our path and to make mistakes and to grow.
We live in a universe of free choice. God does not make choices for us and there is no devil to blame our actions on. We choose. We make mistakes. We learn. We grow.

It is important to note that thoughts are things.
Thoughts, if given enough energy, will become manifest. Another way of saying this is , "As you think, so it is." Therefore, if you believe the world is an unfriendly place, it will be. It is also true that if you believe the world is full of joy, you will find joy at every turn.
(What do you choose?)

The world of Spirit is a world of thought.
Thoughts in the Spirit realms are immediately manifested. If you wish to live in a great mansion, you do. If you wish to travel to other planets and see miraculous sights, you will.

In the physical, thoughts also become things but it is a slower and more tedious process. The chair you are sitting in was once a thought form and now it has been translated into the physical. The physical is made of much slower vibrations than that of Spirit so it takes more energy and effort to manifest. Things in the physical must be shaped and molded, but be assured, the world you live in is the product of your thoughts - both the negative and the positive.

The Spiritual path is a path of challenges. When you step onto the Spiritual path, you are saying to God, "Challenge me!." You have chosen the circumstances you were born into. They provided you with the best potential to learn and experience the things that you have chosen to experience in this life. It is only in the physical that one can experience the things of the physical such as pain, suffering, loss, grief, frustration, etc. It is not what you go through in this life which moves you forward along the path but what you choose to do with it.

Everything happens for a reason. Life is purposeful. In some ways, you can never make a mistake. Everything you do has consequences and those consequences provide us with opportunities to learn. If you have made a choice which has moved you into an unpleasant consequence, then learning from it will hopefully mean that you will not make the same choice again. If you have not learned from the experience, you will have
another opportunity. Every choice moves us forward along our path.

You are measured not by your deeds but by your thoughts. If you do good things because you feelyou have to or will be punished if you don't, then from the point of view of our Spiritual growth, what is the value of doing those good things. Things must be done because they are right, not because you are afraid. It is your intent that infuses what you do. It is your intent which is measured and evaluated when it comes time for you to look at your life from the Spirit realm. So even though you may have a lifetime of apparently good deeds, you may not reap the benefits of those deeds, if they were done through greed, or fear, or the need for power or control. It is your thoughts which matter.

Remember that every thought is a prayer. It is not only when you call a thought a prayer that God listens. God hears your thoughts whether you are officially praying or not. As mentioned earlier, treat every thought as if it will become a reality. That means that when you have a negative thought, you must learn to transform it into a positive. Today is not a difficult day - "Today is a wonderful day to be alive. Thank you for the challenges which have provided me with the opportunity to grow." Affirmations are important because they work. "Every thought is a thing".