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Preparing for a Reading

How should I prepare?

The best thing that one can do to prepare for a reading is to attempt to clarify in your mind the questions that you wish to have answered. Once you have clarified them send them into the ethers. Even though you should prepare some questions in your own mind, it is not usually necessary to ask specific questions as Spirit knows why you have made the appointment and addresses the issues at hand. It has been my experience that usually Spirit deals with the most important issue first and the second, second, etc.. If you have more specific questions which have not been addressed you will be given the opportunity to ask them at the end of the reading. My experience is that this is not usually necessary.

What is a phone reading?

In a phone reading, I am able to connect with you through your vibration and share information with you from Spirit. To understand how a phone reading is possible, it is important to understand that the limitations of the physical are not limitations to those in Spirit. In Spirit there is no time or space as we understand it. Spirit can be in more than one place and in more than one time in the same instant. That means that an Intuitive or Spiritual Medium can connect to someone for a reading two feet away or 1,000 miles away with equal ease. I must admit that I do prefer to do a reading with the person present in the room, in part, because I enjoy the personal connection.