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Complementary Health Practitioners
Q & A Session


Practitioners in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, were asked a series of questions about their particular practice or therapy. The therapies were: acupuncture, holistic nutritional consulting, hypnotherapy, iridology, massage therapy, meditation, N.A.E.T., naturopathy, reflexology, reiki, spiritual counselling.

Click on each question below to see answers from practitioners of these therapies.



1. Can you explain your practice or therapy?


2. What kind of training does someone in your field need? Where did you get your training?


3. What inspired you to choose this form of complementary therapy?


4. What are the philosophical foundations of your practice?


5. What kind of issues does your therapy address?


6. How is your approach different from other therapies?


7. What would be your choice in complementary therapies other than your own, and why?


8. What are some ways your approach works best with 'mainstream' medicine?


9. What should a peson look for when searching for a practitioner?


10. How do you keep up to date with the lastest research in your field, and do you have to update/review any of your qualifications?


11. What do you see as the limitations and strengths of your therapy?


12. Using your modality, how would you approach treating a client with:

a. Heart Disease

b. Anxiety/Stress

c. Allergies


13. Is there anything else a client should know about your modality?