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About the Publishers

Rev. Barry King

B.Sc.(Hon. Biology & Psychology)
Ph.D. (Therapeutic Counselling),
O. Min. (Interfaith)
Reiki Master

Having a strong connection to Spirit since birth, Rev. Barry has worked to develop his intuitive gifts over the last 30 years. In that time, Rev. Barry has dedicated himself to sharing the certain knowledge that there is no death and that we are Spirit. He has an active practice and has helped tens of thousands of people with readings and consultations over the last 20 years at the Interfaith Centre in Charlottetown which his wife, Rev. Sandi and he operate.

Barry has worked for almost 20 years as an interfaith pastoral / spiritual counsellor helping people develop their spiritual connections and guidance. He is well known as a proof of survival medium and for his gentle & intuitive approach.

Rev. Barry through the PEI Interfaith Ministry and the Open International Ministry encourages people to embrace the knowledge that intuitive gifts are everyone's birthright. He believes it is important that people understand that connecting to Spirit should be treated with respect and reverence. Our connection to the greater other side is not for entertainment but a tool to help us grow and become all we can be.
Barry has a rich background with experience as a museum professional, educator, naturalist, artist, illustrator, author, editor, intuitive, counsellor and interfaith minister. He has worked as a museum professional, naturalist and educator for over thirty years. Through his consulting business, he has written a number of environmental education curricula & programs designed to help children and better appreciate and connect to the natural world and to their heritage.


Rev. Sandi King

B.A., B.Ed.,O. Min.,
Ph. D. (Therapeutic Counselling)
O. Min. (Interfaith)

Canadian Counsellor Certification
with Canadian Guidance & Counselling Association

Rev. Sandi is a gifted medium and spiritual counsellor. She has worked as an intuitive for over 15 years and is well known for her aura readings. Sandi and Barry operate the PEI Interfaith Ministry which shares the knowledge that we are Spirit and that there is no death.

Sandi has the honour of being considered to be one of Canada's 1994 top seven innovative educators as a 1994 National Hilroy Fellowship winner: In 1992 a program she co-ordinated won the National Conference Board of Canada's Business Education Partnership . She has twenty-five years experience in special education and counselling in both the public school system and in private practice.
Sandi is a cancer recoverer and an ACOA (Adult Child of Addiction) who is dedicated to sharing the gifts of well being found through techniques and methods that integrate body, mind and spirit; & mind over body techniques.