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Spring Renewal

by Jacqueline Gough

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Springtime is approaching and it is time to renew ourselves: our mind, body and soul. It is just like the flowers that start to sprout every spring, the grass and the leaves that begin to grow and the snow that melts and runs through the ditches. It is time for you to take in the fresh spring air, enjoy the season and the warm comfortable temperatures.

By April everyone is in need of a change. Whether it is a fresh new haircut, some red/blond highlights, or to even add cooler clothes to your wardrobe. In the springtime I love to go for walks now that the ice has melted and the days are longer. The extra light and warmer weather gives me a much need boost in my life and prompts me to live a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising can take the pressures in your life and put them into perspective. It is the time to take your bike out of the old barn which was recently blocked by a large snow bank. Enjoy the freedom of biking through the puddles and the water trail on your back from the tire deflecting the water on you. I'll take out the soccer ball and kick it around with my dad, or take him to the nearby baseball field for some batting practice.

A girls' night in with manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, games, food and movies may be enough to open your mind and soul for a whole new season. You should be excited! Think about what you want to do in the summer. Do you want to work some place new? Get in shape? Start a new hobby? Or relax?

If you like to plant a garden don't wait until May to plant. Buy the seed now and plant what you can now in your home. Meditation and Yoga are great ways to get in touch with yourself.

By this time of the year most people are so dragged down by winter there is a need for a change of scenery. Go and buy a cheap ticket to the nearest warm climate destination for spring holiday. If you can't afford to go away due to money or time restraints then rent a hotel in a nearby place that you are not familiar with and take along some of your closest friends. This is the next best thing. Or buy a travel book about your dream location and let it take you there as well as preparing for the charms of the city.

Pick up a good book and set aside time to read it. Also getting out of the house is a necessity. Grab a mat and sit outside and read, play music or do work. Go to a coffee shop on a rainy day and study.....you never know who you are going to meet! Join a sports team or start a new activity. Do something ambitious like polar bear swimming.

Give your home a thorough cleanup. If you are congested with extra stuff it will weigh you down. This is the season to treat yourself. If it means to go out for a nice meal, a trip, a new pair of shoes - go for it. The amount of money it costs in the long run is worth it for the cleansing it does for your mind and soul.

It is the time of year to think about who you are and who you are with and without those people that are close to you. This season is about YOU!


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