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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

by A. R. Curley BSc, MEd, NP, M.T. NLP

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP draws on a number of counselling models to help people make desired change.

Back in the 1970's, a UCLA mathematics/computer student, Richard Bandler, was hired by the world renowned family therapist, Virginia Satir, to tape her workshops and sessions. In one particular session when Satir was finished with her presentation she asked for volunteers from the audience to do a role play based on what she taught. When no one volunteered, Richard indicated that he would go. An astounding thing happened. When Richard role played he sounded like Satir, responded like her and his voice even sounded like hers. He later indicated he did not try to mimic her but he had simply learned her expert counselling strategies by continually taping and listening to her. This fascinated Bandler. So he went to a linguistics professor at UCLA, John Grinder, and talked about his discovery. Bandler and Grinder decided that if the best of Virginia Satir's strategies could be learned and applied this way, then it should be possible with other experts as well.s

Richard Bandler and John Grinder arranged to interview Virginia Satir and learn more of her techniques. They also interviewed other notables such as Milton Frickson, who was a world renowned therapist using hypnotic language with his clients, and Fritz Perls, who was strong in Gestalt Therapy. They worked together strenuously in developing a 'New' aapproach to counselling and coined the term - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. "Neuro-Linguistie" was used back in the 1930's and was coined by a man called Korzybski.

! Neuro refers to the neurology - our nervous system -everything from the time we are born is encoded in our neurology - mostly at the unconscious level;

! Linguistics refers to how we express what is encoded; and

! Programming refers to the pattern we live from day to day.

Based on our perceptions, we will behave in a certain manner and if we get into some behaviors we don=t like (I call it the stuck state) we can change the behavior by changing our perceptions or our unconscious programming. It is interesting to note that much of what is stored in our neurology is at the unconscious level. NLP is a powerful tool to re-programme the unconscious.


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