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Energy Healing Refreshers

By Joan Savage

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Energy Healing Practices are not just for those times when a person has symptoms of illness. In this sense, the word "healing" can be confusing. People sometimes think: "I don't need healing, there's nothing wrong with me!" Anyone can benefit from this kind of energy. It's custom made to meet whatever the need. Sometimes people are not aware of just how much energy they use under normal circumstances.

In September, we return to our regular routines or even new routines, whether they be the start of a new grade, a new job or just getting "back to the grind." All of these situations could do with a bout of refreshing energy.

The Reiki practitioner can offer a wonderful refresher session providing the opportunity to receive energy. Practitioners with level ll or more, can also send the energy to the person at an appointed time & place. It is then received & utilized as necessary. Many people in the business world routinely request Reiki for important business meetings where they need to perform optimally.

Therapeutic Touch is the practice where the person's energy field (which is three to six inches away from their skin,) is assessed by the practitioner, cleared and then energized. TT energy can also be placed into a flannel pad, to be used to relieve pain for up to a year. Many find relief in this manner from swollen joints as with arthritic pain, or strained muscles from sports.

Foot Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation & helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body. In this manner, areas that have been taxed by overindulgences may be released to allow a more restful sleep, easier digestion & overall wellbeing. Attention to the feet in this manner also allows the person to experience the state of "rest and repair" which is often neglected by hectic schedules.

Auricular Candling (ear coning), is a restful way to clean the ears, clear the sinuses, combat dizziness & receive a balancing in the midst of possible chaos!!

Joan Savage, RN BN, RAC certified, TT lll, Reiki lll, practices in Summerside and Charlottetown.



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