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Energy Journey

By Marie Nantes

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As the crisp cold days of winter roll on by we all anxiously await the first subtle signs of spring: the melting snow, sounds of running streams, the warmth of the spring sunshine, and a glimpse of that first tulip or daffodil. We are naturally uplifted by the changes to the earth as it transforms the white winter mantle into the green carpet of spring. Our hearts are lighter as we anticipate the longer, warmer, days of spring and a beautiful summer.

Like many others, I have always reveled in the beauty of each season as one gives way to another, but I never fully appreciated my connection with the earth until I attended a lecture by Internationally Renowned Rev. Phyllis Robinson Ph.D. (TC) from Saskatoon entitled "Aligning Your Energies with the New Millennium" at the Kings' Wellness Center in Charlottetown. It was during this session that I became aware of our strong bond with the earth, the universe, and our ability through energy direction to connect with it. Through meditation, Rev. Robinson guided our group to direct energies to fully appreciate our connection to earth, universe, mind, and spirituality. In the busyness of our lives, we neglect to be quiet - to get in touch with ourselves and our spirituality.

Some of my friends practice mediation, but I had never fully understood the process nor the benefits until this session with Rev. Robinson. She guided our group through four mediation experiences. During each session, we were directed to channel our energy to the area being described: the earth, the mind, the universe, and spiritual reality. For example, during our first mediation we connected to the earth; we were asked to visualize a beautiful forest. In that forest, we were asked to focus on a particular tree. We then directed our energy through the bark into the tree, down through the roots, through the layers of the earth, to the very core of the earth. As we rested there, it become apparent to each of us how connected we are to the earth - we are an extension of the earth. Then, we were slowly guided back to the tree roots, through the tree and back to our consciousness. The result of experiencing a portion of our environment was unique for the group. Each person shared what had been experienced as each explored "Connectedness to the Earth".

Subsequent meditations took us to the corners of our minds, to the universe, and to the depths of our spirituality. During each mediation, each group member had a unique personal experience which was shared with the group. After the four mediation sessions, everyone was very peaceful, relaxed, and energized.

So why don't we take more time for meditating? We take time for entertainment, sports, socializing, but seldom do we allow time for reflection and meditation. This group discovered the benefits of meditation as it opens the way to getting in touch with who we are and who we can become. Meditation directs our energy awareness to the connection that we have beyond our selves and our immediate environment. It provides "Center" leaving the meditator at peace and filled with hope.

As I entered the Kings' Wellness Center on December 1st, 2000, I had no idea what beautiful experiences awaited me as I would be guided by Rev. Phyllis Robinson to focus my energy in alignment with the new energies of this millennium. Now as I enjoy this beautiful winter and joyfully anticipate spring, it is with a heightened awareness and appreciation of my personal energy connections.



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