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Registered Nutrional Consultant/Practitioner

By Heather Scott, RNC/P

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The strength of the Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioner's approach is grounded in the premise that no one diet is right for everyone all the time. It is also important to realize that there are no miracle nutrients that will cure all ills. Each person is uniquely different, and each must exercise judgements as to what is right for their own well-being. The services of a Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioner (RNC/P) provides an excellent starting place for an improved health program. Based on the foundation that every person is biochemically unique, the RNC/P assesses the individual's nutritional imbalances and weaknesses and makes subsequent diet and nutritional support recommendations to help the client build and maintain well-being.

Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioners believe it is important to eat a variety of foods to ensure all essential nutrients are included in one's diet. A RNC/P will not only recommend dietary lifestyle changes, but is also trained to design personalized dietary supplementation. For example, some individuals are gluten-intolerant and must avoid certain foods such as breads and pasta. Others may need to eat alkaline foods while detoxifying. Environmental pollutants, metal toxicity, parasites and allergies are among the other factors that will be considered in constructing an effective individualized nutritional program.

A Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioner can provide guidance in making sense out of conflicting theories of nutrition. As a professional practitioner trained to provide individual and group education, a RNC/P's counsel can include food intake evaluation, food selection and preparation recommendations, supplementation recommendations, education and the design of individualized diet programmes based on an assessment of the body's symptoms.

Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioners are highly trained professional members of either the I.O.N.C. (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants or the N.C.O.C. (Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada). They have achieved a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition from an approved school or by training which is deemed equivalent by the Board of Examiners of I.O.N.C. or N.C.O.C. Every RNC/P must meet yearly educational upgrading requirements before their registration will be renewed for the following year. Educational Institutes recognized by the NCOC or IONC include: The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, with several campuses across Canada (1-800-569-9938); and The Edison Institute of Nutrition (1-800-456-9313.) N.C.O.C., a voluntary, non-profit, incorporated organization since 1983, independently assesses both schools and individuals, and can give you further credentialing information. Contact Patricia Raymond at 1-800-406-2703.

Benefits of receiving the services of a Registered Nutritional Consultant/Practitioner includes guidance on weight normalization, pregnancy and lactation, family nutrition, convalescence, understanding the use and abuse of food supplements, making sense out of conflicting theories of nutrition, understanding the consequences of specific food choices, and learning how to make choices more appropriate to one's needs. Visiting a RNC/P is all about making positive life style changes to effect your quality of life.

Heather Scott, RNC/P is a Registered Nutritional Consultant practicing in Wallace , N.S. and Heather Sparrow RNC/P is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and Program Director, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 902-462-0642, jspar@psphalifax.ns.ca


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