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Personal Essential Oil Blend Using Numerology

by Reve Phyllis Robinson (PhD TC)

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Numerology and Aromatherapy have been in use for thousands of years. The science of numbers or Numerology has been referred to in ancient records from China, India, Tibet, Arabian, Egypt and Israel. Feng Shui practioners from China and Tibet still work with the numbers when making energy flow adjustments in homes and offices.

Modern Kabalistic scholars can be consulted when names are needed whether it is for a baby or a business. When a child is born, the child's numbers are calculated for the birth date. The day, month, and year are added together and reduced to a one digit number. This number is considered to be the birth path of the child. The birth path indicates some of the areas that individual will have as strengthens and as weaknesses. A name can then be chosen that will help balance the weaknesses and enhance the strengths.

For those of us who were named without the benefit of numerology, there are still many different ways that your birth name can be used to help you understand more about yourself. Three of the most common ways provide the numbers used to create your personal essential oil blend - the personality, the destiny and the soul numbers. These numbers are found by using your full birth name and then calculating the total value of the vowels, the total value of the consonants, and the total value of all the letters.

When reduced to a single digit, these numbers reveal some of your aspects and potentials. The destiny number shows the major areas that you could be best suited to follow for a career and life purpose. The soul number shows some of the areas of knowledge you are bringing to this life. The personality number shows how you may react in situations and in relationships. A person may have the destiny of being a leader, the soul knowledge of business and finance and a personality of wanting to aid others. This person may end up running a charitable foundation - being the leader, raising money, and then using it to assist people in their day-to-day lives.

Essential oils are referred to in many ancient texts including Chinese medical prescriptions, Indian Sanskrit Aurevatic writings, hieroglyphics in healing temples and pyramids in Egypt, and the Bible. The science of aromatherapy began in Europe in the early part of the 20th century. There is ongoing medical research being done to understand and work with the oils, their chemistry and how this affects people at all levels. Each essential oil has its own properties that have been found to work with a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By combining the properties of the essential oils with the aspects and potentials found in a person's name, a personal essential oil blend is created. This blend is used to assist a person to maintain their direction and their focus as they work to fulfill their potential on their life path.

Rev. Phyllis Robinson (PhD TC) lives in Saskatoon and has Canadian Certification as an aromatherapist. She will be doing a workshop on Friday December 1st 7 - 9:30pm, on 'Aligning Your Energies with the New Millennium.' Rev. Phyllis will also be available by appointment (call 629 - 1385) for private readings and/or determining your personal aromatherapy through numerology.


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