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Ear Candling/Coning

by Norma Houston

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Ear candling, also referred to as ear coning, is a gentle, painless, relaxing and non-invasive procedure which is believed to draw excess ear wax from the ear. Clients speak of the following benefits: improved hearing; relief from sinuses and headaches; and a decrease in dizziness; loss of balance; and ringing in the ears. Certain populations are at an increased risk for ear wax build-up, including geriatrics, the mentally challenged, males more so than females, and those with oily skin. Genetics and lifestyle are also factors.

The safest and most beneficial candles/cones are made by hand painting all natural, unbleached cotton with 100% natural beeswax. If the candles are dipped rather than brushed, there can be excess beeswax which may result in a false reading of the client's results. Paraffin wax candles, recognizable by their shiny, slippery, and harder appearance, burn at a higher temperature and may cause some discomfort. If essential oils, fragrances, or dyes are added to the candle, individuals may have allergies or adverse reactions. Ear candling requires two people-an ear candler (or ear candling technician/therapist, auricular therapist, etc.) and the individual having their ears candled. Under no circumstances is the procedure self-administered.

Choose a practitioner who has taken a recognized course and is covered by liability insurance. He or she should assess your need and appropriateness as a client, take a medical history, observe the ear with a physician standard otoscope, explain the procedure fully, and provide a hygienic and safe environment. Following a massage of the area around the ear, the candle should be gently placed in the ear. Each candle should take from 12-15 minutes to burn, followed by an observation and explanation of results. Then, the process is repeated on the other ear. The total average time is about 60 minutes for the whole procedure. However, on the first visit 75 minutes may be required and as little as 45-50 minutes for later sessions. If a session takes only 30 minutes, then something is probably being left out. Fees can vary from $35 to $60 depending largely on the overhead of the therapist. An ear oil, for at-home use between sessions, may be included with the initial price.

Presently, there are only 3 PECA (Professional Ear Candlers' Association), certified courses in Canada, all in Ontario: Aromatica-Windsor, Core Dynamics-Toronto, and Heart to Sole-Midland. However, there are several courses across the country pending certification in 2001.

Norma Houston is a PECA Board Representative for Eastern Canada and can be reached at (902) 423-1600 or e-mail: n.houston@ns.sympatico.ca.

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