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In response to the "ask the expert" question from the husband who's been grieving the death of his son and wife,

Grief is a very lonely and sacred journey. Two years, while to some may seem adequate time to "get on with life," really is not long, especially if you had been married for a considerably longer time, and the relationship was close and healthy. We grieve in proportion to our ability to love - healthy grief, then, is the journey to finding a place where your heart is vulnerable yet strong.

Practical things you can do to find that centre is to keep a strong social life, exercise and give back to the community. These may seem difficult, but are cathartic and intrinsically healing to the soul, for what you send out to the universe comes back. Do these three things, and send love from you heart to those you meet, to honor your loved ones in your continued celebration of the gift of life.

Rev. David Maginley

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