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Free to Fly: A Journey Toward Wellness

by Judit Rajhathy

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Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness is a must read for anyone wishing to improve the quality of their own health or that of their family and friends. It is a primer - the first book you should read if you want to learn about the rather intricate, but very direct connections between the quality of your health and the environment as we enter the new millennium. The story is real, the issues are complex but clear, the characters are believable. It is a story of the family next door - one to which anyone can relate. It is a dialogue - a descriptive journey of one family's search for better health - for a better life. Along the way, Free to Fly explodes many modem myths created and perpetuated by our over-medicated society in an increasingly toxic world. This book is about accepting responsibility for one's own health. It is about embarking on a journey toward wellness.

Ill Health is NOT a way of life!

North Americans have come to accept ill health as a normal way of life. People are medicated as never before, and children suffer from chronic conditions in epidemic proportions. Thirty years ago, asthma, ear infections and behavioral problems were the exception; today, they are household words. Food and chemical sensitivities are growing in frequency, as is chronic fatigue and systemic yeast overgrowth. And 'Sick Building Syndrome' has become an all-too- familiar phrase.

Despite this alarming state of affairs, too many health professionals continue to operate in denial. Rather than find the root cause of illness, patients are encouraged to use prescription drugs to allay their symptoms. Where medicine has no answers, patients often hear the words, 'there's nothing more we can do for you' or 'it's all in your head'. There are answers, however. The growing field of environmental medicine and complementary healthcare has identified many of the factors contributing to society's general ill health. Along with complementary practices such as orthomolecular nutrition, diet therapy, NAET (Namudripad Allergy Elimination Technique), homeopathy and a wide variety of other approaches people are finding their way to wellness.

Why “Free to Fly”?

Through the author's experience as a health practitioner, counsellor and lecturer, Judit Rajhathy has come to appreciate just how starved people are for solutions. Although there are many health books on the market, most are under the umbrella of specific illnesses. Unfortunately, most people don't make the connection between their symptoms and their disease. Moreover they often miss the central connection between their illness and their day-to-day environment -that what they eat, drink and breathe have a profound impact upon their level of well-being. Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness makes these very important connections.

Free to Fly takes an entirely new approach to the issues of illness and health. Guided by symptoms rather than diagnoses, it offers readers the opportunity to recognize themselves in Jillian Stowe, the main character, who typifies a growing number of people for whom modern medicine has no answers. Candida, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorder, food and multiple chemical sensitivities and much more are addressed in this book, although the reader doesn't need to identify with any of these disorders beforehand.

This book is also unique in that it invites the reader to become involved in Jillian's journey in an intimate, personal way - to learn as she learns. Complex information is distilled into lay terms, keeping the story simple and the principles easy to understand. Each chapter probes a little deeper into the reasons for her illness and leads the reader to more specific information by referring them to key books in the field of holistic health and environmental medicine. The health professionals in Free to Fly offer a broad overview of complementary health practices in a straightforward and palatable way. Jillian's journey toward wellness takes us on a learning curve from the conventional, allopathic approach to medicine to a new and intriguing world of empowering alternatives.

It is a timely book to which everyone can relate. It's about making connections and taking personal responsibility for one's own health. It hits close to home. It could happen to someone you love - it could happen to you. Just as Silent Spring by Rachel Carson spurred revolutionary changes in public attitudes and government policy toward the environment, Free to Fly could be the book that changes the way you view your own health and health care.

Judit Rajhathy is a registered nutritional consultant (RNCP), certified accupuncturist (D.Ac.) , NAET practitioner and environmental health educator in private practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. She also appears on television and radio; lectures extensively all across Canada on issues related to environmental health in school systems, to corporate enterprise and service organizations, as well as to the public at large. For information on lectures or conferences please contact New World Publishing at 1-877-211-3334 or check the website at www.newworldpublishing.com


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