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You Are What you Wear

by Patty Barnwell

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We in the developed world now take for granted the numerous products we are exposed to on a regular basis. This may have some serious consequences to our health, especially with regards to diseases such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, viral, infections and others that have an immune system component.

I will walk you through a typical day for men then women. I actually think women are at greater risk and you will soon see why. You wake up and head for your morning shower. Many of you shower with chlorinated and even fluorinated water, both of which are poisonous chemicals. (You may not be able to avoid these). While there, you will use a soap and shampoo comprised largely of materials not known to us before this century. Many of the ingredients in over-the-counter shampoos and soaps are known carcinogens. (Sodium lauryl sulfate is in 90% of commercially available shampoos. It actually corrodes the hair follicle and impedes hair growth, not to mention the effects it can have on your immune system and your DNA. Also watch for propylene glycol, formaldehyde and FD&C colours.)

After your shower is your shave, followed by cologne. Any ideas what these two may contain? If you guessed more carcinogens, you get a biscuit. Now we must look after our hair and you may apply gel, mousse, hair spray or some other hair product. Guess what...?! You are catching on. Then to top it off, you will use some form of deodorant. Not only does that block the lymph system from getting rid of toxins, it introduces more toxins to a very sensitive part of the body. Perhaps you also like to use a spray deodorant to make your rooms smell better. More toxins. You will go to the kitchen, have breakfast and after clean with soap and cleansers. Uh, ... yes, more toxins. Some of your cleaners are so toxic that when they are used in a work setting they come with a list of specific instructions for their safe use. This includes bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, chrome, tile, floor, glass, detergents, etc. Almost all modern cleaners that you would purchase at a regular store are laced with toxins that may irritate allergies, introduce carcinogens, and compromise your immune system.

Now for the ladies. Brace yourself. Look at the above and include all of these. You even shave your legs. Perhaps you use a depilatory. These are extremely toxic. As you finish your morning routine, you apply your makeup. Just look at it this way. The more products you use the more you are exposed to toxins. Much of these are carcinogenic and almost all are bad for your health. Last but not least of these are hair colouring products. When I think of how toxic these are and then consider makeup and everything else women are exposed to it is no small wonder that breast cancer is an epidemic. Remember this - at no other time in human history did we use all the potentially harmful products we now use in abundance. Look at the cancer statistics and follow the increases. They correspond with our increased exposure to all of the items we have mentioned so far, as well as being exposed to toxins in the air and water. When we tell this to some people they say to us, "these are just scare tactics." Yes, they are. Looking at what we know from the research that is available we need to be frightened, concerned and pro-active.

The first step is to realize that just because it is on a shelf somewhere does not mean that it is safe and healthy. It just isn't that simple. Get used to reading labels. Learn what to avoid by reading books or looking on the internet. Look for items that are safe to use. Be wary. Safe products, like those used one hundred years ago, are rare. When individuals discover what they have been doing they are anxious to change. Some books to consider: 1) Beauty To Die For, by Judi Vance. ISBN 1-57901-035-0 2) Me Safe Shoppers Bible, by David Steinman, Dr. S. Epstein, MD. ISBN 0-02-082085-2. There are many others but this is a good start.

If you think this is all too time consuming and somehow unfair, we agree. It should not be so hard to find non-toxic materials. Nor should it be so costly. If you want this to change you will need to look at those who you elect. Until there is a will to change those in political power and business will continue to carry on as it has for the last half century. You can make health a priority for your family by making it important when you purchase products and when you vote. Without this we will continue to be exposed to thousands of toxins wherever we turn. We owe it to our children to leave them a different legacy.

Patti Barnwell is a Certified Nutritionist and a Consultant of Ferlow Brothers Products

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