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Focus on Aroma

by Rita MacDonald

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Essential oils are not really oils, they are not at all greasy and if you should put a drop on paper it would quickly evaporate. These oils are sometimes called aromatic plant essences because they are a fragrant substance that plants produce. One important thing to remember is essential oils are the expressed or distilled product of natural aromatic plant materials. For instance, Lavender essential oil is extracted from the Lavender plant not from a plant that smells like Lavender.

There are some very inexpensive synthetic essential oils on the market, which are mostly used by soap and candle makers. These synthetic oils are not used for inhalation as in meditation and massage oils. It is easy to remember that oils created in a laboratory are not essential oils. Real essential oils are born of plants and they have a direct link with the earth they are grown in. They are nourished by the soil, the sun, the rain, creating this energy that totally agrees with ourselves since we are also of the earth and also possess this energy. The following is an oil you can make for yourself

Healing Oil

1/8th cup of base oil (grapeseed or sweet almond)
7 drops of Niaouli
4 drops of eucalyptus
2 drops of pine

Wear as a perfume or rub on blue candies. Use in conjunction of treatment.

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