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“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” How many times have we heard that phrase? What does it mean? Does it have any validity? How does it apply to me?

This phrase has often been given out when someone is working with addictions, trauma, and abuse. It has been used to the point that many of us hear it, recognize it, say it is another cliché, and then ignore it without considering its meaning or application.

When we look at the meaning of the phrase, we can look at the meaning of its components. Today is the moment that we exist in, experiencing, interacting and living right now. The past is the sum of our experiences we have had to this point in time. The future is where our experiences are planned to unfold. Today is the moment of understanding our experiences and acting on our knowledge.

First is that we are number one in our own life. First is a beginning. When we are first we have created our own path and that we are the leader on that path because we are first. When we are first we get to make our own choices because we are the leader for our path.

Day is the unit of time that we have created to organize the past, present and future. We have organized the days into 7 units so that it is easier for us to plan what we are going to do in the future. Day can be any one of the 7 days. First day reminds us that every day is a new unit of opportunity for us to make our choices based on being the leader of our own path.

Rest as a noun means the balance, the remainder. Rest as a verb means to relax, to be at ease, to take it easy, to smell the roses.

Life means our existence. Often we think of this to mean only the time we spend in our physical body. Life means our existence as a spirit - eternal and infinite.

When we look at the meaning of the phrase as a whole we can reword it to better understand its meaning. This moment is the beginning of the opportunity for us to choose to be the leader of our path and our experiences, at ease and relaxed, enjoying our eternal existence.

The phrase can have validity if we choose to accept that we have the ability to grow, to develop, to learn from our past; if we choose to accept that we have the ability to apply our past and to plan, to develop, to grow for our future; and if we choose to accept that right now is when we make our choices and put them into action.

How does this phrase apply to me? This phrase applies to me when I live my spirituality. I live my spirituality when I treat each moment as an expression of my complete eternal being. Our spiritual beliefs are not something to be used and applied only when it is convenient or when we are in crisis and we need help. When I live my spirituality I make my choices coming out of my past, planning for my future, taking action today.

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”

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