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Hope: The Gift of Hope is Yours

by Rev. Sandi King B.A., B.Ed.,PhD.(T.C.),CCC,

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In life there are two types of personal energy. One can deplete your spiritual energy and allow it's negativity to spiral down into the lower vibrations of deep depression, suicidal thoughts, or violence. The other invokes spiritual energy, spiraling upward, creating a higher vibration of positive, self-affirming thoughts and actions. The first step towards hope is a leap of faith into that positive energy. Here are the ABC's of nurturing that hope:

A. Affirm positive thoughts, energies and vibrations. Affirmations are the silver cord that connects your hopes and dreams.
Avoid negative thoughts, energies and vibrations. You do not need to make yourself vulnerable to that spiraling energy that takes you down
B. Believe in yourself. Thank God every day for the gift of your life and treasure it
C. Compassion is a gift that leads to understanding. When you put compassion ahead of hatred, resentment or rebellion, then you open the doors of communication.
D. Dream in positive, constructive, and uplifting thoughts and actions. Count your blessings. Take the opportunity to offer words or deeds that uplift someone else
E. Energize and enjoy life today. Look at each day as a precious gift. Do the best you can and your journey will be one you can be proud of. Hold your head high and free your heart, and your Soul will be unencumbered at the end
F. Family and friends are your connection to your purpose in life. Understand what your Souls have to learn from each other. Reflect on why your energies came into contact and what your spiritual journey together is about. Always understand challenges from a positive and constructive perspective
G. Giving is the road to receiving. Giving love, multiplies not depletes your supply. Don't be stingy. Every time you judge someone else harshly, you deplete your own sense of self-worth. Your spiritual joy is diminished as you lessen the value of any of God's creations
H. Hope is the silver lining of your dreams. Have dreams, keep them alive with affirmations. Allow them to change as you grow and evolve. Without dreams, you have no hope. Without hope, you have no future. Create a world of excitement and meaning. Where there is a will, there is a way. Your will is found in your dreams and your hope finds the way
I. ‘I' is the most beautiful sound to your ears. I am. I am unfolding. I am being, I am flowing, I am ebbing like the ocean - in and out, always on a spiritual journey of discovering my own divinity
J. The Journey of life is your destination. Make each moment count. The road is paved or unpaved by you. Don't create too many bumps and unpaved surfaces that need to be mended. But if you do, know that separations from the divinity are merely an opportunity to understand the depths of human need. Take that understanding and use it wisely to help others
K. Keep trying to achieve your dreams. Determination and perseverance are the gifts of success. Let your dreams change, as experience allows you to grow. Allow vision, strength of your convictions, and self integrity to be the keepers of your dreams
L. Love yourself, and you will find loving others much easier. Love the work you do, love your friendships, love your neighbors, love the earth and all God's creations
M. Make it happen. The power and control for your life is in your hands; not the hands of misusers or abusers. Don't let others intimidate you or use fear to control you. They are soul stoppers. Helm your ship well. If someone else does it for you, it is no longer your ship. Don't take unnecessary risks, but do take heathy risks that move you forward, and most of all, have the wisdom to know the difference. Aspire to return your vessel's Spirit home more enlightened than when it came
N. Never ignore the wisdom of the ages found in doctrines like the ten commandments that have endured the test of time - they have served others well. Let them be a guiding beacon to you.
O. Open your perception to be as expansive as the universe. There is more to life than what we can see, more to a person's heart than what they show, and more to endure for a soul on earth, than for a soul in heaven. See clearly all that there is to see, but know that you will probably never see it all. Life is full of mysteries, but not spells and potions. Life is full of miracles. Be open to life's spiritual adventures
P. Personal Power is yours. Enjoy it, heal it, love it, but most of all treat it with care and respect. Don't misuse it through manipulation, intimidation or abuse. We all have a responsibility to use our personal power for the better good of all
Q. Quietness ready's the vessel. Do what you need to, to relax the body and quiet the mind, to allow for your inner wisdom to flow through you and touch the Divine presence in you
R. Reasonableness has its foundations in Knowledge. Learn all you can about what interests you. Knowledge leads to understanding, and understanding leads to being grounded. You nourish your hope with reasonable discernment
S. Seek Inspiration. Surround yourself in positivity. There is ten times the power in one positive action, no matter how small, than in one negative action. What ever your challenge, others have gone before you. Seek inspiration in them, and be an inspiration for others
T. Take charge of your life, or some one else will.
Trust your instincts, follow your heart and find your soul's purpose. When you leave a void at the helm, some one else will jump in ready to avoid their own life by controlling yours
U. Understanding is nobler than innocence. Seek to understand yourself and don't be fooled into thinking that you do. Let that energy move through you and move you forward
V. Visualize what you need as it is for your own best good. Thoughts create things, allow your thoughts to keep your hope alive. No matter what the challenge, hope is the healer.
W. What goes around, comes around. You will reap what you sow, so be careful what you plant, because you will harvest what you have earned
X. Crosses. We all have crosses to bear. Bear yours with dignity and grace. Choose to emulate how Christ bore his - love, faith, hope and charity were the cornerstones of His humility. Find His presence in you and let His love work through you to find your hope
Y. You are a child of the universe. No one else is exactly like you. You are a treasure. Cherish yourself
Z. Zest for truth in life is at the heart of your spiritual journey. Without truth, life is an illusion

The Gift of Hope is Yours in a nurturing environment. Build your foundation through affirming these ABC's, & the silver cord connecting your hopes and dreams will grow strong.
God Bless

Sandi is a Canadian Certified Counselor, a fully Ordained Minister and a Professional Spiritual Counsellor. She and her husband Barry minister for the PEI Interfaith Ministry in Charlottetown, PE.

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