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Walk - in Phenomena

by Evelyn M. Fuqua, PhD.

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Walk-in is a term used to describe a broad category of sudden transformational experiences in which a person feels like a different being. He/she does not relate to friends, family or the work place situation in the same way because there is the inner recognition that he/she is no longer the same person. A Soul Exchange is only one of the explanations for the experience. The experience is an experiment.

I had read Ruth Montgomery's books written in the 1970s in which she talked about the Walk-in phenomena. I thought it was an interesting concept, but I was busy with my life as a public school counselor and really didn't give it much thought. Then later at a metaphysician's conference in Colorado I heard Carol Parrish-Harra talk about her Walk-In experience. Since she seemed like a very creditable person, I was somewhat convinced that it is possible to have a Walk-In experience. At that time, I had never had any first-hand experience with this phenomenon so I had no real understanding of it.

In late 1988, a client came to me for help with her environmental disease. Although the disease improved, it was never cured. What happened instead was the discovery that when the client, Rose, was three years and two months old, a being named Athor exchanged souls with the child, Rose. At the beginning of the therapy both Rose and I seriously questioned that such a bizarre event could actually have occurred. She had no conscious memories of the exchange, but each time I regressed her back to that age, the same Information came through with increasing details about the experience.

In considering other explanations, I first considered the possibility of possession by the entity, Athor, since Rose was having such severe health problems. Perhaps Athor was a malevolent entity that was attached to her, thus creating her severe health problems. However, after she went through an exorcism process with another therapist, I decided that this was not the case. I also considered multiple personality disorder, but Rose consistently exhibited the same basic personality so this diagnosis was also discarded.

As therapy progressed, it became apparent that Athor is an aspect of one of the members of the Council of Twelve on the etheric plane of the star system, Sirius. Again this was very difficult for me to believe since I had never heard of the Council of Twelve, but during the twelve years that I have known Athor, this information has been consistent. It appeared her health problems were partly related to past-life experiences, but we were not able to clear the energies by going back into past lives related to the illness. Some existing health issues seem to stem from genetics and the vast difference in vibrations of the "Rose" soul and the "Athor" soul.

During the three years of therapy, I regressed Rose-Athor back through the major past lives of Rose whom we found to be a very old soul. Her last incarnation was as a professor who was exploring the Himalayas. His native guides abandoned him when they had an encounter with some Yeti. The professor was taken by the Yeti to a spaceship where the professors brain was worked on by extraterrestrials. This was in preparation for this lifetime in which Rose-Athor has fine tuned her psychic abilities. Finally, Athor was able to trace her own soul back to the Source. We found that Athor had never been on Earth before. The "Rose" soul and "Athor" soul had made an agreement for this soul exchange to occur in this particular lifetime of the "Rose" soul.

Both Athor and I kept questioning why an evolved being such as Athor would volunteer to come into a severely damaged body. She did not know her biological father, but she inherited many genetic defects from her mother. Her stepfather was quite abusive. We discovered that Athor had tried to come to Earth during the time when "Jesus the Christ" incarnated in order to help Jesus. However, the Council had not approved this. There was an attempted soul exchange, but it was a disastrous experiment since the vibrations of the Athor soul were of such a high frequency that they literally exploded the body and the fetus that was already in the body. The mother Athor killed was the same mother Rose had in this lifetime, and the fetus she killed was the "Rose" soul she replaced in this lifetime. Therefore, one of her reasons for volunteering to come to Earth was to pay a karmic debt.

Even though this was an incredible story, I was further convinced of the validity of the facts surfacing through the hypnosis process because of Athor's remarkable psychic ability to read the Akashic records from the Source. She has now been doing readings for my clients for over ten years and we have an amazing accumulation of information from these readings. The book, "From Sirius to Earth: A Therapist Discovers a Soul Exchange", resulted from my three years of research with Rose-Athor. I found that after my experience with Athor, many other clients came to me believing that they might be soul exchanges. After working with the client for a number of sessions, I suggested that they get an Athor reading in order to clarify their particular experiment.

Athor and I have made the following tentative conclusions regarding Walk-Ins via information from the Athor readings:
(1) All of these sudden transformational experiences in which the person suddenly feels like a different being are experiments. The experiments do not necessarily turn out the way they were planned.
(2) Each experiment is unique and has its own explanation.
(3) Only 30% of these experiments are actual Soul Exchanges; the other 70% have different explanations. We have found the following general categories of experiments: soul exchange; aspect of group soul; aspect of soul from the future; brain expansion (prototype of brain of the future); soul braid (another soul joins the present soul)
(4) To have a chance of being successful there must be a prior agreement between the souls involved in the experiment; This agreement usually takes place in another dimension long before the experiment takes place.
(5) A Council must approve the experiment; each soul presents its "case" before the Council, and the request may or may not be approved.
(6) The exchange of energies takes place usually through the crown chakra and/or third eye chakra, but it depends on the purpose of the experiment as to exactly how this energy exchange takes place
(7) If the experiment is a soul exchange or similar type experiment, the person must go through a clearing process of the emotional, mental and spiritual auric bodies which usually results in much trauma of the person. This process can often take many years to complete. The most difficult experiments seem to be a soul exchange and soul braid.
(8) In the past, many of the people who have undergone these kinds of experiments have committed suicide or been institutionalized because most therapist found their "stories" too difficult to believe.

Rose-Athor was institutionalized briefly when she was in college because after an extended out-of-body trip, she could suddenly read people's minds. Today many of these Walk-in cases are given medication in order to make their "delusions" go away. "From Sirius to Earth" was written in an attempt to present a documented case of a valid soul exchange in order to help Walk-ins better understand themselves and to hopefully convince other therapists that these people are not psychotic but need support after one of these traumatic experiences. Much further research is needed to give us a greater understanding of the Walk-in phenomena.

I need to say that I think the term Walk-in is a very poor terminology for the phenomena. It was coined by Ruth Montgomery and no one has come up with a better term. Since my book came out, many people are using the term Soul Exchange for all of these experiments. However, as stated this is only one of the Walk-in experiments, therefore, it is not an accurate term except for a small percentage of these cases. Actually the term Soul Exchange was first used by one of my clients named Kathryn-Zonatar. She wrote a small self-published book called, "Soul Exchange". I then used the term S.E.E. which stands for Soul Exchange Entitiy. As more people do research in this area, perhaps new terminology will be coined to more accurately describe the phenomena.

I have often been asked, "Why would anyone volunteer to participate in such difficult and often unpredictable experiments?" Athor has said that the Walk-In experiment affords an opportunity for great soul growth for the souls involved. It is akin to the theory that we all have a life plan before incarnating and that plan could involve some very difficult experiences such as abuse, poor mental capacity, poverty, etc., but the soul agrees to the plan because it offers the opportunity for soul growth and experience as well as balancing karma. I also believe that people who have abduction experiences have agreed to this on a soul level. While I give great credence to the information from Athor, I am giving my opinions as a therapist and I recognize that much further research is needed to give us a greater understanding of this phenomenon.

Dr. Evelyn Fuqua was a counselor and teacher in the school system for 33 years. She was on the Board of Directors of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy (currently The International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc.). She is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist specializing in past life regression therapy and in working with people who have experienced sudden transformational experiences. She is the co-author of From Sirius to Earth: A Therapist Discovers a Soul Exchange and You Are Wonderful, a manual on selfesteem. Dr. Fuqua is in private practice in Rocklin, California. Her website is www.evelynfuqua.com.

WE International (Walk-ins for Evolution) is an organization to help support Walk-ins. WE holds two bi-annual conferences. The address is WE International, PO box 28875, St. Paul, MN 55128 (651) 772-0847.

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