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This regular feature will deal with research that is being done around the world relating to Spirit related phenomena. If there are any specific topics you would like to know more about, please let us know. The following article talks a bit about the research being done by Mark Macy. We have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Macy a few times and have attended a few of his lectures. We hope that you enjoy the article.

About Mark Macy

Mark Macy is involved full-time in spirit communication through technology. With colleagues from eight countries, in 1995 Macy founded a network of scientists and researchers devoted to building a reliable bridge with Beyond. Results of their research include images of spirit beings coming through televisions, computers, and photographic film; transdimensional dialogs via radio and telephone; and actual text files planted on computer hard drives by invisible hands, all providing a view of the next world unprecedented in its clarity and depth.

Macy has a lab in his home near Boulder, Colorado, where he conducts experiments almost daily and hosts regular meetings of his local research team. He has configured his equipment to a large degree on the advice of spirit colleagues, as specified during phone dialogs and radio contacts. Currently he is receiving color images of departed loved ones and colleagues through the use of advanced subtle energy technologies.

Since 1992 Macy has learned that the key to spirit communication through technology is not the technology, but rather a resonance achieved among beings of like-mind on both sides of the veil. He was told in 1994, via radio: "It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure."

Since 1992, Macy has written and/or published three journals (INFOnews, Contact!, and Transdimension) and two books (Conversations Beyond the Light, and Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication. His third book, Miracles in the Storm, will be published in November by Penguin Books. He has been interviewed by many newspapers, magazines, and radio talk show hosts, and has appeared on several TV programs, including "Sightings" and "The Other Side". He has given numerous seminars and presentations in North America, South America and Europe since his immersion in ITC
Macy was an agnostic until a battle with colon cancer set him on a spiritual path in 1988. Since then he has committed himself to learn as much as he can about spiritual reality and the afterlife.

"A miracle that's too good to be "true"
by Mark H. Macy
© Mark H. Macy, published in Intuitive Times with permission

Over the past decade I've been involved in a young field of research called ITC, or instrumental transcommunication. I was a founding member of INIT-the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication-a panel of scientists and researchers organized in 1995 to explore this modern miracle. I've experienced:

* the world's first audible dialogs across dimensions through the Spiricom device developed by my close friend and colleague, the late American researcher George Meek.
* heavenly choruses that emerged from the radios of Italian experimenter Marcello Bacci.
* wispy voices of nature spirits reporting through the telephone of German experimenter Friedrich Malkhoff.
* pictures of departed ITC experimenters delivered through the television of German experimenter Adolf Homes.
* voices of departed loved ones captured on tape or in computer to bring comfort to grieving family members sitting in on experiments of Jacques Blanc-Garin of France and Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil.
* TV pictures received by German experimenter Klaus Schreiber-pictures of his deceased daughter Karin and of famous personalities such as scientist Albert Einstein and French actress Romy Schneider. These pictures would sometimes emerge slowly out of a boiling fog of static on Mr Schreiber's TV screen.
* similar ITC results from the work of German experimenter Hans Otto Koenig.
* a three-page letter to French ITC researchers, written by Jules Verne a century after his death and delivered through the FAX machine of Luxembourg experimenters Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach, describing the famous French author's stunning transition into a magnificent dream world after many years of disease and suffering.
* pictures of spirit-world landscapes through the televisions and computers of the same Luxembourg experimenters.

And most important for me personally, since 1994 I have enjoyed phone dialogs with Konstantin Raudive, the highly regarded pioneer of technical spirit communication who died in 1979, and also radio contacts from many spirit colleagues. These intelligent, good-natured invisibles have shared a wide range of important information with me--some personal, divulging names of people whom I can trust (or not); some technical in nature, outlining ingenious systems of special communications equipment to improve voice contacts; and some of a global nature, stressing the dire need, for example, of sheltering today's children from the violence that is so prevalent in today's world, or warning of the dangers of drug use that threaten not only this lifetime, but our future lives as well.

What I call "Enhanced ITC" is a wonder to behold. It involves frequent, wide-ranging communication between a dedicated, capable team of spirit beings and either a single experimenter or a cohesive group of researchers. The identities of the spirit beings are known, the information is positive and helpful in nature, and the frequent contacts from these spirit colleagues include some of the following:
* telephone dialogs,
* extended (5 seconds or longer) voice messages through radio,
* pictures on television that either appear clearly on the screen and remain for at least several frames, or which build up steadily into a reasonably clear picture over multiple frames,
* text and/or picture files appearing in computer memory or planted on disk or similar recordable media,
* text and/or images through FAX.

Such contacts, which were received by European experimenters for more than a decade and were enjoyed by INIT researchers collectively from 1995 through 1997, are giving modern researchers a view of unprecedented clarity into life after death.

As you might imagine, more than a few minds have been boggled. You see, we each have a mental model or roadmap of reality in our mind. That model or roadmap is pieced together of all the things we've seen and experienced in our lives, the concepts we've learned in school, and the things we experience each day in the media. It becomes our own personal version of "truth," and everyone has a unique version of "truth." As new information comes into our mind, we try to accommodate it by stretching our mental model in an effort to fit the new information in. Everyone's model will stretch a bit, but everyone's model also has a limit as to how far out of shape it can be stretched. I call that the "boggle point." Once our mind reaches the boggle point, it snaps shut. It doesn't matter then how much evidence or even good solid proof accompanies the new information; our mind is unable to accept it because it's been boggled.

To make matters worse, ITC communications depend on a "contact field," which is a pool of attitudes and beliefs of ITC researchers and our spirit colleagues. If our minds are all resonant and in harmony, then the contact field is stable and clear, and our spirit friends can work their magic-planting voices, images and text into our technology. If there is dissonance, however, the contact field becomes unstable and foggy, and the contacts dry up. That puts us in a "Catch-22" position. We'd all love to have scientists participate in our experiments, but if they're skeptical, they disturb the contact field and ruin our results.

It's ironic that as a result of boggled minds and the skepticism and dissonance they have caused, we can justifiably say that many of the best contacts we INIT members have received over the years are in fact TOO good. Clear images from the world of spirit are rejected because they are TOO clear. Detailed descriptions by our spirit friends of the magnificent worlds they inhabit are TOO detailed.

So, maybe it's time to take a step backwards, gain people's trust, and wash away some of the doubt. What we need today is an ITC system that allows very simple ITC contacts in mixed company- a system that isn't so reliant on the fragile contact field. That's what I've been working on lately.

I have a device in my Colorado lab called a "Luminator," which pulls in ambient air from the room; modifies the molecular characteristics of the air as it passes over a set of tuned, water-filled coils; and blows the altered air back out into the room. The device is said to give electrons a reverse spin, among other effects, according to the inventor, Patrick Richards of Michigan.

Patrick originally designed the device as one of a series of apparatuses to be used to improve the atmosphere in office environments, but with use it became apparent that the Luminator had some unusual side effects. For one thing, people's illnesses and imbalances seemed to abate as they spent time in its presence.

Richards experimented with successive designs of the device, altering the quantity and frequencies of the internal coils, and at the present time there are eight unique Luminators in use around the world. All but mine are used for healing. I use my Luminator for ITC research.

It's one of two units at the present time which have another highly unusual side effect: When a person is photographed alone in the presence of my Luminator, there's a 50-50 chance that person won't be alone in the photograph. Departed loved ones, late colleagues, spirit guides, and other nonphysical beings manifest on the film, superimposed over the face of the human subject, about half the time I take pictures in my lab.

I get these transphotographic results only with a Polaroid 600 camera. I've tried a 35mm Nikon, a digital camera, and a camcorder with no apparent "paranormal" effects in the final images. In any case, Polaroid photography has a couple of advantages over the other methods: 1) The photograph develops in a few seconds as I and my subjects watch; there is no waiting. 2) The photograph can't be manipulated in the Polaroid process as it can with other means of photography, especially with the computer software available today.

About the accompanying images:

On 1999 September 20, I was photographed in my lab by my good friend and colleague Jack Stucki in the presence of the Luminator. When the Polaroid 600 picture developed (1), it was not my face in the image, but a person who resembled my father, Blair Macy (2). Upon further analysis of the photo it became clear that the facial features were not symmetrical. They eyes, ears, mouth, cheekbones, and forehead all were radically different on the left and right sides of the face. When I covered up the right half, the left side of the face was clearly my father Blair. When I covered the left half, however, the image on the right resembled Willis Harman (3), the late president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences who had been a friend of mine and had maintained a deep interest in my work-ITC research-up to his death in January 1997. (I've been told through various instrumental and mediumistic transcommunication sources that Dr Harman's enthusiasm and support of ITC did not die with the physical body, and he is supporting my research.)

1.    2.     3.  


I made enlargements on a color copier, showed one to my mother, and sent another to Willis's wife Charlene Harman in Stanford, California. Mom recognized Dad immediately. Charlene Harman recognized her husband Willis, too. Upon first glance at the image, before reading the accompanying explanation that was sent, she gasped and muttered (according to her friend Mary Lear), "My goodness! Willis has found a way to come through!" ( Place Pictures)

The image has been shown to many people who knew Blair Macy or Willis Harman, with mixed results. Some recognize one of the two men instantly, and others see the likeness after studying the picture for awhile. Sill others see no resemblance whatsoever.

To make it easier to recognize one face or the other, I took the original image to a technician in a photo lab, who made an enlarged internegative with a 35mm camera and macro lens. The technician printed a blow-up (4) and a reverse blow-up (5)-actually, several copies of each.

4.   5.  

I then cut a few of these blow-ups and reverse blow-ups in two, approximately down the middle of the face, and matched up the pieces to come up with a "Blair Macy" image (6) and a "Willis Harman" image (7). The resemblance is striking to most people who knew the two men.

6.  7.    8. 

Incidentally, in the original image and the blow-ups, a faint forehead can be seen above the "Blair Macy" half of the face. That forehead belongs to me (8). It is as though my head was displaced from my neck and replaced by the composite head of my father and Willis Harman…all with no discomfort of any kind on my part!

Many of the photos produced by this method in my lab have a similar effect in which the physical person's face is transparent and faded while the spirit face appears solid and clear.

The images aren't real pretty, but they provide undeniable proof, as far as I'm concerned, that our world is superimposed by invisible realms inhabited by intelligent human beings-so-called "spirits" living in the so-called "spirit worlds." The fact that the Luminator makes the invisible worlds visible under unpredictable conditions could be the first step toward unboggling minds and allowing for the spread of ITC around the world. That's my hope, at any rate.

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