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Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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This took place during the two evenings before my Mother passed on in 1995. I believe that it occured in order to reassure my Mother and allow her to feel safe in preparation for her transition.

My Mother was hospitalized, ill with pneumonia, in her 83rd year. My sister and I carried out most of her care by day, until late evening, and returned again in the morning over a period of ten days. At the end of that time it was necessary for me to return to the Island, my job and my family. We said our heartfelt good-byes, knowing that I most likely would not see her again. With sadness and apprehension, my father & sister took me to the aiport.

That evening when my sister called to make sure of my safe arrival, she explained to me that Mom had recounted the following unusual experience. She described to my sister that late on the previous evening when a black nurse came into her room, she expressed to the nurse her fear of being alone in the night. The nurse's response was, "Don't be afraid, my sister is above and she's waiting for you."

During our phone call we discussed this at length, seriously puzzling over what this nurse's motives could possibly be. On the following day, our Mother again reported that the same nurse was in during the night, reassuring her this time that everything was ready and "everyone is waiting for you, no need to be fearful." Again we were puzzled and could not place who this nurse would be since we had not met anyone of that description during our Mother's hospitalization.

Sadly our Mother passed on that evening. When my sister arrived at the hospital to assist the nurse to clear out her things, she thought to ask about who the black nurse was that was caring for our Mother through the night. Her answer was clear and haunting: There was no black nurse on that floor.
Joan Savage, Summerside, PEI

One day my son, Matthew, who was four years old at the time, came up the basement stairs and into the kitchen with a strange look on his face. 'Mommy', he said, 'Bronwyn's grandfather is in our basement'. Bronwyn was Matthew's four year old best friend and on more than one occasion, I must admit, his partner in crime. She lived a few houses away on the same street as we did in a house very similar to ours. Her grandfather, a very elderly man, had passed into the World of Spirit a few weeks earlier after spending the last several years of his life living with her family. Matthew's comment certainly got my attention.

'What do you mean? Bronwyn's grandfather is in our basement? What's he doing there?', I asked. 'Nothing', said Matthew, 'Just standing by the freezer'.

I looked and saw only specks of dust drifting in the late afternoon sun. Although at that time I knew little about the Spirit World compared to my current awareness I seemed to instinctively grasp what had happened. I told Matthew. 'Go back downstairs and tell Mr. B. that he is in the wrong house. He wants to visit the house where he used to live. Just tell him to go six houses up the block to Bronwyn's house.'

Matthew didn't hesitate but promptly went back downstairs and in a voice that rang with the confidence of a child bid Mr. B. as I had instructed. He burst into the kitchen a few minutes later. Very pleased with himself he announced triumphantly, 'You were right, Mommy! He's gone now', and in the way of children went on to play happily with his lego.

Matthew hadn't missed a step but I had to sit down for a minute. 'Imagine that', I thought, 'Mr. B. of all people showing up in our basement'. Very, very interesting.
Rev. Trish North, Halifax, N.S

"So this is what it feels like to die." These were my thoughts, the moment I had my second near death experience. Today, the feelings are still hard to express in words. The first time it happened, I was taking time off from work. I was recovering from a very debilitating stomach disorder. Lying in bed, feeling weak and tired, I opened my eyes to find my bedroom filled with light, bright, warm colors covering me - like being held in love. All I could think was "God, please don't let this feeling go away." I tried to reach out to feel the light, to touch it, then it faded as suddenly as it came. I realized I was crying and feeling very sad. I knew I had connected with something powerful and beautiful, beyond words. Now, it was gone.

Several years after my first near death experience, early in the morning while getting ready for work, I was suddenly taken by pain in my stomach - so sharp, it forced me to fall back across my bed. Calling out for help, I looked up to see a bright ball of light. It appeared to be moving closer and getting brighter. My body seemed to be drifting up to meet it. "So this is what it feels like to die." I felt peaceful, loved and safe. Like being held by my mother. Somewhere, someone was calling my name, shaking me. Later, I was told I looked deathly pale, and didn't seem to be breathing. Slowly I became aware of the bedroom, and my physical pain. The light started moving away from me, growing smaller, taking the shape of a tiny star.

But, after my near death experiences, my life took on a different meaning. Health and personal problems still challenge me, but my experience with the light, has given me the courage to deal with it. In times of stress, my thoughts turn to the warmth of the light and with a longing, I wish I could feel that wonderful peace and love surround me just once again. I do know, I was blessed with a very spiritual experience. . Each day is a gift. I truly believe we sometimes have to come close to death to teach us to love ourselves and others, and to appreciate the precious life we have been given. I know I do.
Patricia Holland, Charlottetown, PEI.

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