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Transformational Stories of the Power of Spirit

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I was thousands of miles away from home, family and friends. I had just gone through a bone marrow transplant as part of my treatment for breast cancer and had been in isolation for three weeks. How I longed to be able to go through my hospital room door so that I could go out and feel fresh air on my face again. And, I yearned for real food - or at least a real juice popsicle, since popsicles were all that I had been able to eat. I had been staring at my room's now opened door for three days but I had not been able to door anything. I was completely exhausted - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Somehow, I knew I would not die but, at this point, I was prepared to die just to have some relief from the exhaustion. For the first time in my life, I prayed for myself. "God, please relieve me of my exhaustion - even if it means taking me now." I had only been able to have unrestful naps of 15-20 minutes at a time. After my prayer, I immediately drifted into a deep sleep - for six satisfying hours. God had answered my prayer.

I awakened feeling weak but rested. I managed to drag myself out of bed and over to the door. As I passed through the threshold of my open door, I turned to find a man waiting for me. He said that he had seen me when I was going in for surgery and how I had looked so ill. He had heard me speaking Dutch and his wife spoke Dutch. Would I speak to her and give her some words of encouragement as I now looked so much better? It would give her hope. I do not speak Dutch but I allowed him to get a wheel chair and take me to his wife's room. After I spoke with his wife, he asked if he could do something for me. I would never have asked except that I had done a favor for him. So, I asked him if he would take me down the ten floors to feel the fresh air. On our way down, he stopped and I bought a real juice popsicle. Oh, how I enjoyed it while I was sitting downstairs feeling the fresh air on my face! My wish had come true. God answered more than one prayer that day. I used the last of my telephone money to buy six real juice popsicles and I placed them in the mini-fridge in my room. God had sent me an angel that day to take me beyond the open door. It was the turning point for me on my road to wellness. I had begun my healing journey and it had started with that first-ever prayer for myself.

Cathy Mooney of Souris, PEI

I have two experiences I would like to share. My wife, Lisa, passed into spirit in April of this year. She loved to buy me toys as presents. One such toy was called a "slammer", which would utter a phrase if you dropped it or tossed it. After our basement flooded in November of last year, we put it on a shelf along with some other items to dry out. It wouldn't work and seemed to be ruined. After her death, I was surprised that I could not "feel" her presence because she was so intuitive. One evening, while in the basement, I heard a noise which sounded like someone talking. It was the slammer!! It was my wife telling me that she was still with me. I told my mother, who gently humored me. One night she went to my basement and the slammer talked to her! It scared the daylights out of her.

Foy my mother-in-law's birthday, I decided to send her flowers to her son's home in PEI where she was spending her birthday. I ordered them online and 'signed' it "Love, Mike". I only told her son that I had done this. When they were delivered, she said that they must be for someone else because she did not know anyone named "Kime". Finally she realized they were from me. We had a very good laugh over this because Lisa had been dyslexic and used to sign her name "Asil", and she was getting even for all the times she was teased for it.

Mike Keefe, Halifax, NS.

One night, my friend asked me if I would like to spend the night up at her house. I would always go up to see her to listen to music, do each others hair or talk about boys. But this night was really special. Around 9:30pm, we decided to go outside on the swings and we asked my friend's mother to join us and she did. She was like a second mom to me. We were swinging and talking for about an hour when my friend yelled out "Look, you guys! There is a glowing cross in the sky!" We were telling each other how beautiful it looked, and how it was so bright; that there were no stars around it - it was just by itself. My friend's mom said to us that she was going to get her camera, but when she came back, it was gone. It had just faded away slowly into the sky. The next day, my friend's mom got a phone call from the hospital asking her to come in. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We remembered the cross in the sky and knew that God was telling us that He would be with her always - she was not alone. It was such a comfort to us all. My mom took me shopping for a gift. I found the perfect gift for my second mom. It was a chain with a cross on it. On the cross were the words "Jesus is with You". It reminded her of that wonderful evening that we all spent together; the cross in the sky, and the comfort God was giving to us.

Heidi Rogers of Charlottetown, age 13.

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