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Cosmic Cradle


Thousands of Soul Bubbles

by Dr. Neil and Elizabeth Carmen

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The Cosmic Cradle Column by Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D. contains excerpts from their book, "Cosmic Cradle." It explores connections and communications with spirits ( usually with their parents ) before they are born into a physical life.

Joanna, like so many women in our technology-based culture, finds it difficult to share deeply personal experiences. Her visions go beyond normal perception.

Mothers disclose countless kinds of exceptional communications stretching the ordinary mind to the limit. The next story is unique because the mother-to-be, Joanna, encounters a whole flock of babies wishing to be born.

Often the prelude to pregnancy experiences are so personal and intimate that many spiritual motherhood adventures remain confidential. Even some husbands never hear about them from their wives. Perhaps that is why Joanna even felt self-conscious sharing her story with me.

I do not like to make my spiritual experiences more or less than they are. When I have an experience, I do not have to decide whether it is real or not. But, if I share it with someone, suddenly there is an outside opinion deciding whether my experience is imaginary or real. It loses its innocence.

With four children under foot, it is hard to imagine that Joanna and her husband, James, were so thumbs down on having more than two children. The incentive was triggered by a charming, magnetic appeal straight out of the blue.

Inspiration to Motherhood

The invitation manifested in a magical setting. The couple was on vacation relaxing at a spiritual retreat for two weeks. It was time to take a break from their children.

Meditation practice was part of Joanna's daily routine for stress reduction. The thirty-seven-year-old mother of two had enjoyed meditation's profound daily benefits for years. This time Joanna had some unexpected thoughts come up during meditation.

My mind was filled with the desire, "Have another baby, have another baby, have another baby." Because the next thought was, "No, I don't want to," I realized these longings were not mine. Although they were my thoughts, I was not the author of them. These subtle, gentle impulses unfolded: A vision of little bubbles floating around in the room appeared to me - like soap bubbles with a pearlescent sheen on them. There were thousands - about four to five inches in diameter. The room was filled with them, each having a liquid gold color.

Each bubble had a faint impression of a beautiful, little round cherub face - with pink cheeks and golden hair. These soul bubbles were very lovely and absolutely pulling at my heart.

The lovely visions of these little angels tantalized Joanna even when she opened her eyes. The bubbles were inside [my consciousness] when I closed my eyes and outside when I looked around the hall. Even though there were thousands of soul bubbles, there was one collective yearning, one special energy I felt: "You're such a good mother. Have another baby, have one of us. What a good mother you'd make. We want you for a mother,"

The celestial flock of souls sought Joanna for a mother for five days. "There was no letup." Nonetheless, the mother-to-be was far from easily being "talked into it." There were lots there, but there were not lots of voices. There was one collective yearning: "Have another baby, have another baby, come on, have another baby What a good mother you'd make. We want you."

One bubble even came up and went "ping" right on my abdomen while I was resting. There was a physical sensation, like a hand gently landing on my tummy. The feeling was, "I'm coming. Here I come." I thought, "No, this is ridiculous. You can’t make babies like that."

The Greatest Sales Technique

Joanna explained, "No, no, no. It's too hard on my body. I don't want to do it again. I already had two. Find somebody else." Despite Joanna's obstinacy, the ethereal soul bubbles persisted: "No, you're such a good mother. We want you for a mother. Come on, have a baby. Have one of us." Joanna had only one reply, "No, no, no."

Finally, by the fifth day, the thousands of souls appeared to listen: "All right, we're going away. You can't have us." That magical moment opened Joanna's heart.

That was a great sales technique, The beautiful bubbles began to fade out. I thought, "Oh, no, no, no! Come back. I will have one." They finally had gotten to me. The bubbles were so adorable. I could not give it up. I decided to have one. There was a wonderful feeling of being chosen. They want me. What an honor.

Transformed Hearts

Joanna savored the extraordinary communications for four days without sharing the experience with anybody - especially James -who was "absolutely against having more children." Naturally, Joanna was reluctant to even broach the subject with him. Ironically, the day before Joanna had a change of mind and accepted the invitation, their discussion became easier. James made a surprising remark and jolted Joanna, "I am thinking of having another baby."

James sudden and startling interest was "funny." Joanna was curiously amused.

By the time James mentioned he wanted another child, the soul bubbles had pretty much talked me into it. The soul bubbles never appeared visibly to James, yet it was obvious that "someone" had seeded the desire in his mind.

Joanna was probably right. James's gentle desire for another child was genuine and undoubtedly inspired by the unborn child.
Joanna and James took a 180 degree turn toward parenthood once again. The couple discussed the third child and agreed to conceive in the next year.

Since birth, our third son has looked just like those little cherubs in the bubbles - round face, golden hair, rosy cheeks. For sure, I came home with one of them. He just had to wait one year for us to get busy and make him.

Cross-Cultural Parallel

In the near-death journey of Thespesius, reported by the Greek writer Plutarch (46 to 120 AD), Thespesius's separated soul - which "seemed as if it had been one eye fully open “ - beheld the souls of the departed as small fiery bubbles which rose and burst to disclose the forms of men and women. The souls were tinted ... various colors according to their passions and sinful ways on Earth, but became clear through expiation and punishment in after-death state.

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