..The Intuitive Times
Cosmic Cradle


Highway to Heaven

by Dr. Neil and Elizabeth Carmen

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The Cosmic Cradle Column by Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D. contains excerpts from their book, "Cosmic Cradle." It explores connections and communications with spirits ( usually with their parents ) before they are born into a physical life.

A pregnant woman's connection to the land of unborn children becomes even more apparent when she has an NDE. These women travel through a cosmic passageway, much like a hollow tube, and meet children who will be born to them in a subsequent pregnancy, much like a hollow tube, and meet children who will be born to them in a subsequent pregnancy.

Jean Scott's pregnancy ended with a D&C (dilation and curettage). When she recovered from her surgery, Jean reported that her spirit had floated towards a warm, bright, golden light at the narrow end of a tunnel. On the other side, Jean felt drawn to a open area. There she joined a gathering of people and met two souls desiring to be her children.

Since Jean's pregnancy had nearly taken her life, the doctor warned against future pregnancies. Be that as it may, Jean felt a bond to the two souls seeking birth. She sensed that her life's tasks somehow involved bringing them into the world. So in spite of two subsequent miscarriages, Jean eventually birthed the children who dwelled on the upper end of the tunnel."

Another woman's near-death journey, triggered by a miscarriage, took her through many dimensions, passing through geometric forms - circles, triangles, and squares. As she approached a brilliant white light, an angel reminded her, "Have you forgotten your commitment to be a mother?" Although she had free will to stay in the spiritual world, she witnessed a vision of the child and changed her mind. She birthed that child several years later."

Kathleen Martinez had agreed to accomplish certain tasks on Earth prior to birth. Some of these commitments were long forgotten until her spirit encountered a gathering of deceased family members during an NDE. They reprimanded Kathleen and expressed disappointment in Kathleen who, as a single mother of three, had conceived a child following a divorce. Kathleen promised to alte r her life style, and they agreed to give her a second chance.

Thereupon Kathleen's spirit encountered a wise male spirit with piercing eyes, about ninety years old. He ultimately had free will to chose human birth, and so he did. Kathleen sensed that he was destined to be her son. Following this realization, Kathleen saw a white, brilliant shaft of light. She descended down the shaft, and entered her body through the forehead. (Kathleen's NDE is interesting because she recalls returning through the tunnel whereas most NDErs emphasize ascending through the tunnel.)

Kathleen expected to meet the male spirit as her newborn upon regaining consciousness following the C-section. Instead, she birthed a daughter. Only after numerous inner transformations did Kathleen bring a special son into the world with her second husband several years later.

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