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Cosmic Cradle


A Toddler's Unlimited Possibilities

by Dr. Neil and Elizabeth Carmen

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The Cosmic Cradle Column by Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D. contains excerpts from their book, "Cosmic Cradle." It explores connections and communications with spirits ( usually with their parents ) before they are born into a physical life.

At the age of three, Judy, a fifty-year-old mother of two, recalled her footsteps in a higher world.

Since early childhood Judy had strong feelings of not belonging to the physical plane by knowing - from direct memory - that in the past she had unlimited potential. The toddler was stumped by her confined abilities: "Why can't I immediately fulfill a desire? Why can't I walk through walls or levitate? Why is my body so cumbersome? Why can't I just flow through the room? Why do I have to walk and bump into things? Why is there pain?"

My memories were so strong that I knew my experience of limitations was incorrect. And yet no one else seemed confused. Everyone seemed comfortable with the way things were. It felt like being in a zoo with people who were happy not to question anything. I thought, "Is this a nightmare or a dream?" Reality was hard to discern. Of course, being only three years old, I was too young to articulate.

Earthly pleasures were not enjoyable like they were for everyone else. I was amazed by how much emphasis people put on material possessions. I felt it was a cheap imitation of what I knew to be a thrill. It would have been more exciting to manifest a Christmas Tree rather than to buy one. Or why have a toy plane when you are used to flying through the air yourself? Every material object became a disillusionment. I also did not understand ownership. Taking possession of things as mine seemed wrong or artificial. It made no sense, "You mean I am supposed to be thrilled because this toy is mine and not yours?" It felt like I owned everything and everybody else owned everything.

Higher consciousness was Judy's dilemma. Judy was alert to discovering the nature of her "true origin," but years went by before she understood there was nothing wrong with her perception of the World

Growing up, I felt very much the loner. Then, by my late 20's, I began meditating and met people who understood higher consciousness and I was given the vocabulary to express my reality. I resonated with spiritual teachings on higher consciousness because that was my experience. By the age of thirty, I had met people who resonated perfectly with me on an experiential level. We could talk about the same reality. Just those few connections, six-twelve people, made all the difference knowing that others are having a similar reality and feel very alone.

My life still does not match the memory I came in with of having unlimited potential and using it. But I have picked up some understanding of why that is - this is a different dimension than the one I came from. Each dimension has its own challenges, obstacles, and limitations. I feel at peace with that. Still I wonder, "Why did I come here?" I have forgotten, but I have learned to enjoy without knowing all the answers. I trust there is some reason for choosing this.

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