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Cosmic Cradle


Pendulum of Life

by Dr. Neil and Elizabeth Carmen

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The Cosmic Cradle Column by Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D. contains excerpts from their book, "Cosmic Cradle." It explores connections and communications with spirits ( usually with their parents ) before they are born into a physical life.

Many spiritual teachings give the same answer to the questions: "Where am I from?" and "Where will I go after death?"

The Cosmological notion that equates the before-birth state with the after-death state lends credence to the experiences of NDErs, who travel "home" and meet children waiting for birth. A Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic philosopher, declared, "The way up and the way down are the same." Alongside the flow of souls from the eternal realm to Earth, a current carries us back.

Death is a fulfillment of the soul's longing to return to its original home, according to eminent philosophers, poets, and theologians.

Jewish Kabbalah - Souls yearn to return to the "palace of the divine king,"" "the place from which ... [our souls were] hewn.

Leonardo Da Vinci (Middle Ages Italy) - "Behold now the hope and desire to go back to our own country, and to return to our former state. How like it is to the "moth with the light."

Dionysius (5th century Christianity) - "All things flow out from God, and all will ultimately return to Him."

Church Father Origen (Early Christianity) - All souls return to our purely spiritual home, an apocatastasis.

Henry Vaughan (I 7th century Wales) - And how I long to travel back, and tread again that ancient track ... But ah! my soul with too much stay is drunk, and staggers in the way ... And when this dust falls to the urn, In that state I came - return

Human consciousness is like an eighteen-wheeler with twenty-five gears. At the time of death, we ascend to a higher frequency dimension like a truck shifting into higher gear in order to climb a steep hill. And, when we depart from our spiritual home to begin human life, we downshift to Earth's frequency in the same way the truck downshifts to come down the hill. Teachings which equate pre-birth life with the disembodied after-death state include:

Plato (ancient Greece) - Once the human soul becomes Purified throug a series of human births, the soul is guaranteed immortality as a Pure Intelligence in the Aether, the birthplace of human souls.

Plotinus (3rd century Rome) - "To real Being we go back, all that we have and are; to That we return as from That we came."21 On his deathbed, Plotinus commented, "Now I seek to lead back the self within me to the All-self.

Leo Tolstoy (1828 to 1910 Russia) - Birth is a rebirth from "the other, more real life" to which later in old age, we prepare ourselves to return.

Church Father Origen (Early Christianity) - Origen waited for his disciple to arrive at his deathbed before he made his transition: "Eustochius, I have been expecting you. Now my divine part will return to the universal divine nature."

Saint Honen (1133 to 1212 Japan) - The Buddhist saint uttered the following message in his final hour: "I came from the Land of Bliss and I am sure I am going back there .

Koran (Holy book of Islam) - God generates beings, and sends them back over and over again, till they return to Him.

Baoule (Africa) - At the end of human life, the people of West Africa go back to the "Village of Thith," the before birth realm where everyone knows the ultimate truth and deception is unthinkable. The "Village of Earth," by contrast, is a pretentious world where an individual "never gets to the bottom of things."

Native Americans (Menominee, Iroquois, Ojibwa, Delaware, Oto, Lenape, Omaha, Cherokee, Winnebago, Plains-Cree) -Spiritual friends still residing in the "Land of the Spirits" can entice a newborn back home. Parents circumvented a premature departure by making newborns happy and fitting them with perforated moccasins, making it impossible to travel the four-day journey over the Spirit Road, the Milky Way. The infants then responded to the invitation, "I cannot travel so far, my shoes are bad."

Venezuela (Caribs) - Louquo, the first man to live on Earth, came down from the sky. He returned to his sky home after producing many offspring. When his decendants die, they too ascend to the heavens and become stars.

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