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Dear Intuitive Times

I have often heard the term Spirit Guide used. Can you tell me who they are and how they work with us?


Samantha P,

Dear Samantha

I have been consciously working with my Spirit Guides for a number of years. To help answer your question, I will share with you an excerpt from one of my channelling sessions.

Barry: I am David George. I have been a guide of this vessel for some time. I have made my transition to a higher vibration through the work of this vessel. I greet you now and ask you how I may be of service to you, my children.

Question: You say you have made the transition to a higher vibration, through the work of this vessel, does that mean that we are able to assist other beings even as they assist us?

Barry's Guide -David George: It is truth you speak.

Speaker's Question: They are all students and teachers?

Barry's Guide -David George: We are all students and teachers. We are in spirit. We are, as you say, all students and teachers in spirit. We serve those of you burdened by a physical existence from the heaven world. We serve God through our service. We learn and grow, through our service. We choose to serve not for selfish reasons but for the joy of working with others and celebrating their successes as they move along their path.

I have been a teacher guide for a long time. I now teach those who teach, but I am still a humble student. I am still a neophyte along the path for the great masters are truly infused with the wisdom and the knowledge of the Source. I can only be a shadow of their greatness and their wisdom. But I have in recent times changed in my vibration to a higher level. It is the path of all who are in spirit, for we are all children of the Light. We are all vessels for the manifestation of that Light. I humbly celebrate my transition and I appear tonight to allow this vessel to understand the role he has played. It also serves to help each of you understand the role that you play with those of us in the spirit realm. We are all, as you say, students and teachers.

Speaker: We celebrate with you your transition and we ask if you have any advice for those of us in circle tonight, either collectively or individually for us in our service to you?

Barry's Guide - David George: I shall give both a universal message and an individual message to each of those who is here this evening. The message which is universal is in truth the message which you have already received. It is important that you know that you make a difference. It is important that you know that no matter how troublesome and tiresome life becomes, that you are moving along the path and that you are succeeding. It is not only through your success, but also through your trials that you move.

The message is very simple. The understanding comes with great difficulty, for when we see you burdened with the trials and challenges of your physical existence, we understand how difficult it is for you to see that you are progressing - that you are moving forward. It is my purpose this evening to reassure you that you are indeed moving forward, that you are indeed proceeding. That no matter how many times that you think that you have failed and you are going backward, you are moving forward. We can provide testimony to that. Listen to your voice, listen to your inner guides. Each of you has a teacher guide who stands centrally in your life beyond your physical perception. Each of you has many teacher guides, but one is central. One is the conduit through which the others work.

We congratulate you on your courage for accepting the challenges you have accepted, and we congratulate you for your journey. This is my universal message to you. Now I will ask each of you to either speak your question or speak your name to receive the message which we have brought for you this evening. You may begin.

A guide is someone from the Spirit-side who agreed to work with you once you entered this life. Guides do not tell you what to do! They will not rob you of your right to choose. They will, however, offer you their support and guidance in the aspects of your life that you are working on. They remind us of our goals and our strengths when we forget. They are gentle but can be persistent. It is important to note that we are surrounded by a community of Spirit-helpers who work with us as guides.

The guide I work the most with is called David-George. He has a good sense of humour and I have been aware of him as a guide for over 20 years.

Rev. Barry King


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