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Dear Intuitive Times

I was talking my grandmother and she told me that she beleived in forerunners. Can you tell me about forefunners and whether or not they are real.
Jill C., Summerside, PEI

Dear Jill,

Forerunners are an important part of our oral folklore and have their foundation in what would appear to be a very real phenomena. A forerunner is an event or a sign that foretells of an approaching death. Many people have had them and some who do not believe in ghost, have no hesitation believing in forerunners. The fact that people do not talk about forerunners for fear of appearing foolish and that people do not know how to recognize them may have something to do with why in recent years we do not hear much about them. Helen Creighton in her book, "Bluenose Ghost," suggest that they may be the most common supernatural event in Nova Scotia.

Two of the most commonly reported forerunners are three knocks on a door or wall when there is no human being there to knock, and the falling of a picture or a calendar from the wall for no apparent reason. Other forerunners include: a bird trying to get in through a window; a bird flying in the house; hearing church bells ringing which no one else can hear; a vision of someone close to you; a dog howling outside a house at night; plants and trees blooming out of season; an owl hooting during the day; and many others. Julius Caesar, for one, is said to have heard an owl hooting during the day before his assassination.

I have had some experience with forerunners myself over the years. A couple of years ago, my father woke my mother up in the middle of the night asking if she could hear the church bells rings, He was wide awake and looking out the window saying, "Why would they be ringing church bells this late at night." It was two in the morning. My mother not being able to hear anything told him he was dreaming and to get back to bed. He insisted that he could still hear them and that he was wide awake. Eventually the bells stopped and he went back to sleep. Two days later my father died of a massive heart attack. The bells had foretold the event.

(Editor's Note: If anyone has experienced a forerunner they would like to share we invite you to contact us.)

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