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Psychic Readings in Bars

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Dear Intuitive Times
I have heard about people doing psychic readings in bars. Is this a good thing?
Donna H., Charlottetown, PEI

Dear Donna

This is an excellent question. Connecting with Spirit should be done in a climate of reverence and mutual respect. A bar or lounge is not an appropriate setting for such an exchange. It is important that we separate a genuine psychic counselor from someone who is out to provide entertainment.

There are also much more practical reasons to avoid psychics selling their wares in bars. Spirit communication is real stuff. It can be said that one should never mix Spirits and spirits (alcohol). Bars and places where a lot of alcohol is served can also be places which attract lower vibrational spirits who have not let go of either their negativity or their need to experience the high of alcohol. These spirits experience the rush of alcohol vicariously through those who are drinking. These entities can connect to the medium and provide messages which can have the appearance of wisdom but which are controlling and contain half truths.

Even if there are no negative entities around, people who have been drinking are not in the correct state of mind to engage in a meaningful connection to Spirit. Psychics and mediums who offer their services in such settings should be suspect as they are most likely preying on the vulnerability of those under the influence of alcohol.

Rev. Barry King

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