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Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?

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Dear Intuitive Times

I have heard a lot of negative things about Ouija Boards. I recently found one in my attic. Should I keep it or destroy it? I really don't know much about them.
Uncertain Charlottetown, PEI

Dear uncertain,

The Ouija Board (or magic board) can be a very controversial subject. The name 'ouija' comes from a combination of the French and German words for 'yes' and was a popular form of entertainment last century when there was a resurgence of interest in spiritualism. Ouija boards became very popular in the 1960's, a time of resurgent interest in all things occult and metaphysical, and were sold in many countries as a board game. Ouija Boards work and yet they are approached by many as a game being sold in shops alongside Scrabble and Monopoly. This is where many of the problems begin.

There are many different types of Ouija Boards, which can have differing layouts and can be made from a variety of materials. The board usually consists of the letters of the alphabet, 0-9 in numbers and the words, "Yes" and "No." The user or users of the board lightly touch a pointer (sometimes called a planchette) and the pointer moves and spells out the answers to questions asked of the ouija. Usually this pointer is mounted on castors to help it move freely about the board.

A simple form of the Talking Board can be made by placing the letters of the alphabet, 0-9 in numbers and the words, "Yes" and "No." on paper or cards on a table. A small overturned glass can then be used as a pointer. Sitters lightly touch the glass which moves and spells out the answer to the questions.

A Ouija Board is a form of channeling and must be used with respect. The important point to remember here is Like attracts Like. Ouija boards do work, but the sort of beings you are likely to attract is directly related to the level of spiritual development of the participants and their intent. Also, the level of preparation and location has to be taken into account.

Talking Boards are not by nature positive or negative. They are tools which can be used in positive or negative ways. Trivializing or treating their use as a game is inviting problems. The following are examples of how one should not use the Ouija Board.

Example 1: A group of drunk friends go to a haunted house and take a Ouija Board to see if they can call up some spirits. It is obvious that if the house is haunted, there are earth-bound spirits who usually died in sudden or tragic circumstances present. They may be just sad or confused, or they may be downright malicious.

Example 2: A group of friends get together to have a fun evening playing a 'harmless game' with those in spirit. The participants usually want to ask questions about their love life and future lotto wins and treat the whole thing as a bit of fun - as do the entities attending. This type of gathering usually brings a similar gathering from the other side who all want to have a go. There may be deceased relatives, but more often it is mischief makers who will tell you anything, and much testing of the board by various entities. In this situation, the results are more likely to be trivial like the questions usually asked. Without prayfullness and respect, there is the real danger that a negative entity could come through.

Remember a Ouija board is just a tool for contact which relies on no practice, learning or spiritual development to make it work. It's like dialing a random telephone exchange and hoping for the best. However, with practice, learning and spiritual development the chances of getting through to the right person are greatly increased.

The Ouija Board is best used by people who regularly work on their own spiritual development and get together to use the board. They are relaxed and open. Their intent is for spiritual guidance rather than earthly pursuits. They fill themselves with love and open with a prayer of protection to allow only positive vibrations to work through the Board. These people are much more likely to meet their spirit guides or a teacher making first contact. Their higher channels of communication are open to higher realms. There may be those among them who are psychically and spiritually developed who help attract the higher teachers. Even these people may get some low level interferrence because the astral level overlaps the physical.

The following is an excerpt from a book received through a talking board by two Baptist ladies who have worked with the Board for a number of years. For this book, the entities working through the Board asked that they sit every night for thirty nights to receive a meditation for each day of the month. The book is titled " Meditations in Daily Living ...... A Search for Self- Truth and is published by King's Wellness and Counselling in Charlottetown, PEI.

Appreciate Each Day

Each day is precious unto itself.
To fully appreciate each day,
you must think of it
as the very last time
this day will be here
to be used and lived in.

No matter how similar the days,
this one will never again be
repeated. How do you want to spend
this last day?
In appreciation of its gifts?
In excitement of its possibilities?

Will you instead,
not pay it any particular attention -
as another one will be by tomorrow?

The choice is clearly
only yours to make.

Some Guidelines for Using a Ouija Board

Location: Do NOT choose a place where you suspect earthbound entities are gathered, or places which will generate fear in the participants, ie: graveyards, haunted houses, sites of tragedy. Choose a place that feels good - has the right vibrations, a home where loving people live, or a room usually devoted to learning and meditation.

Time: Nighttime is usually better for these things because of the reduced amount of electrical activity and interferrence in the atmosphere. As with most things, some days are better than others for various reasons.

People: A chain is only as strong as its' weakest link. If you have 3 people of positive intention and one negative, it will lessen the chances for positive results for the others. While the board will still work with skeptics in the room, their negativity will not help.

Keep your group size limited to around four. If there's an extra person, they can take notes and everyone can have a go at this. The more people involved, the more varied the results and contact may be.

Protection: This is very important. Don't just repeat a few words, visualise it. Start with a meditation where you concentrate on:- - cleansing your own body, aura and chakras with a visualisation of silver rain. - filling your bodies with white light and extend this to engulf the room you are in, and beyond if you can. - call upon your guides to protect you and ask them to allow only information and entities through for your highest good.

You may prefer to use a familiar mantra, poem or prayer while doing the visualisation. The important thing is your intent. You want to feel love and fill the room with it until you feel good. Do not be afraid. If you feel fear, don't go ahead with the session. Feel the love envelope and protect you. That love will attract entities who vibrate to that love. - Do not use alcohol or drugs prior to the session.

Accessories: By all means enhance your session with accessories. They will add to the atmosphere in more ways than one! Some gentle new age music in the background, candles and incense will help. If you don't have any preferences, use something like sandalwood or patchouli to help protect you.

Communication: Treat astral entities the way you would like to be treated by anyone. They are not there to be commanded by you. They have come to communicate at your invitation, so treat them as a guest in your home. If a naughty child comes through, their antics can quickly become tiresome. Ask them to leave and call upon your guides to take them away.

Don't call upon specific people to come and talk unless you have a good reason. Remember, a long deceased relative may by no longer living near the earth plane and it can be very inconvenient for them to get through. They may even be reincarnated, so the entity who answers may not be the one you are expecting.

If a deceased relative seems to come through seek confirmation. Ask them personal questions about things that are not generally known - but remember not to be thinking of the answers in your head at the time - let your mind go blank.

Ultimately you have to be the judge of the information you receive. To believe everything that comes through on the board just because it's from the other side is extremely gullible, and is like believing everything that you read in the newspaper or see on TV. If your intuition tells you there's something wrong, there probably is. If the information you're getting seems new to you, compare it with other channeled material and see if you're comfortable with it. Always thank the entities who come to talk with you. When you've finished your session, thank all the gathered entities and ask them to go in peace back to where they have come from. Then cleanse the room again with white light.

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