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Tell Me About the Silver Cord

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Ask the Intuitive will be a regular feature of the magazine. We encourage readers to send in their questions related to Spirit or different traditions. We will ensure that the question is send to the appropriate expert for an answer.

Dear Intuitive Times

I have read about a silver cord which connects the physical and non-physical body. Does such a thing exists and can it be seen?
Rhonda Renaud, Mission, B.C.

Many psychics have reported seeing a silver cord associated with out-body experiences. The physical body and the etheric body are believed to be attached by a cord or cable through which life-currents or cosmic energy pass. It can be likened to a telephone cable and is a whitish grey colour in appearance. The silver cord is elastic or can be indefinitely extended, but when it is severed death follows. When greatly extended, it is not unlike a single strand of a spider's web in appearance.

The silver cord is believed by some to be attached to the base of the skull and by others to the solar plexus. It holds a striking similarity to the new-born physical body and the umbilical cord. As long as any trace of this cord remains, death does not take place, and it is possible for the spiritual body to return to the mortal and for the person to again be restored to normal health.

Andrew Jackson Davis described long ago, in his Great Harmonia, the phenomena which he witnessed at the death of a person known to him. He tells how he saw the spiritual body withdraw itself from the mortal and issue from the head of the dying person first as a cloud of luminosity which hovered above the bed and was attached by a fine luminous cord - a sort of psychical umbilicus - to the dying person's head. This cloud then slowly took the form of the person, and this form continued to hover over the recumbent mortal body, attached to it by the cord of light just as a captive balloon might be moored to the ground.

Scripture speaks of the "silver cord" and reference to it is found in Ecclesiastes 12:6: "...Remember him before the silver cord is snapped ... before the dust returns to the earth as it began and the spirit returns to God who gave it...".

The late Arthur Ford, in speaking of the silver cord, remarked: "...When, in earth life, the beta separates from the physical body, the two bodies remain attached by the silver cord, which is so elastic that the beta may range the entire universe without being severed. On the death of the physical body, the silver cord is released, and the beta body continues, as vehicle of the soul...".

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