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A Kitchen Poet

by Paul Steele

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Reg MacLellan is not your average retiree. Reg is known to be a painter, a singer, a gardener and a very active volunteer (with such organizations as the Red Cross and his local Legion). He lives in Summerside with his wife of 52 years, Robbie. They have five children: Theresa, Ellen, Paula, Billy and Heather. He worked for Island Tel for some 37 years before retiring in 1988. One of Reg’s newest past times is to write poetry. In November of 2004, Reg released his first book of poetry entitled Jottings of A Kitchen Poet.

Here are a few words from Reg, the poet, with regard to his work:

“I am not a professional writer, and the reason I call myself The Kitchen Poet is that the kitchen is where I think of what I am going to write. I look out our kitchen window and see the eastern sky, nature, children playing and other activities going around our home. These sometimes give me inspiration to write. I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. When family come home for a visit or to celebrate a special occasion, we seem to always gather in the kitchen. My poetry is about in part, growing up in Alberton, vacations in Kildare, our family, people I have met and places I found interesting. I have always tried to write about pleasant things. If I have done this, then I have achieved my goal.”

Here is one of my favorite poems by Reg.

Our Neighbors, “The Camerons”
Come and meet our neighbors.
Phillip and Colleen Cameron
Their five little boys.
All redheads, and one little blonde gal,
She’s the youngest, and is called Tiffany.
They love to romp and play,
The oldest boy is Jordan,
He’s our paperboy.
Next comes Dakota,
Who studies insects.
There’s Nicholas, who likes to sit and think.
That’s Riley running around the corner,
Followed by Jessie, stocky and determined.

Now that you have met them.
Let’s watch them play soccer
In their back yard.
They run, kick the ball... what energy!
Now they are playing ball.
Change the season... they will be on skates.
And putting the puck in the net.

It is summer again.
The neighborhood children gather.
It’s time for “hide and seek”.
They run in all directions.
We hear them as they pass our house.
They are caught,
and it starts all over again.

We salute you, the parents,
Phillip and Colleen
What a fine family you are raising.
We are proud to be your Neighbors.

When asked about how his poetry helps him with his health and wellness, Reg replied: “Writing gives me a sense of accomplishments. I feel as though I reached a new goal. It’s almost like scoring a goal in hockey. Once you’ve written something it can never be taken away. It’s there forever.”

Great work by a great man.

Reg sells his book from home. If you are interested in purchasing one, call him at 902-436-3322 or in Charlottetown call 902-892-4916. Check out his web-site at http://www.edu.pe.ca/bluefield/reggie

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