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Where you are is Where you will be

by Rev. John White

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You are a spirit at this moment as much as you are ever going to be. You are of the Light. The original sin that we all make in our lives is that we have forgotten who we are. That's what the original sin really is. When Jesus and the other Master teachers came into the world, they came to help us remember who we are. So, who are you anyway? You are a Holy Divine Spirit - a part of God. Who else could you possibly be? God loves you.

It is important to realize that you always have been here and always will be here. A group of seekers once asked a great spiritual teacher, "Do you believe that you live?" The teacher answered, "How can I die? I was never born. I am that which is changeless, observing that which is changing, so there is a part of me that has changed." To understand this, you must believe you live after you die.

If you want to know what it is like when you pass over to the other side take a moment and close your eyes. Now open your eyes! This is it! This is what it is like to be in the spirit world! You may say, "No, there has to be more to it than this." No, that is one of the reasons why when some people pass over suddenly, they don't know they are dead. So you're a spirit now as much as you are ever going to be.

Jesus said that, "There are many rooms in my Father's house." So there are many rooms, and to me that really means that there are many different spirit worlds. Let me ask you a question. If you're a spirit now as much as you're ever going to be and you're living here could it be that this world is one of the spirit worlds? You may say, "No, that cannot be possible. Look at me I am solid." I assure you that it is possible and that we can prove to you that this world is not solid. If I had a big enough magnifying glass and put it up to your body, you could see that you are not solid at all. You are made of energy and information and inside there somewhere, there is a Holy Divine Spirit or God. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it. So that's why people from the other side tell us that they are doing things like continuing to practice music, or to study, or any of a million other activities. What else could they possibly do? They are getting on with their lives.

Now a ghost is a spirit with unfinished business. I pray that when we leave this world, we don't become confused and that we don't hang around since we have better things to do. That's not to say that it is not possible for souls to come back, visit us, and encourage us. They do that by simply thinking at us. That is how people from the other side like communicate to with us - they think at us.

I remember that there was a young man who was going though the trauma as his teacher was passing on. He said to the teacher, "Please don't die. Please don't go." The teacher responded, "Die? Go? Where would I possibly go?" The teacher understood that wherever you are, there you will be. That's why it's very important in this life time that you appreciate every day, every moment. Not only do you live forever but where ever you are, there you will be. So if you pass into the next life with fear and anger and lots of negative things in your heart, in your soul - that's where you will be. Heaven is a state of mind. It is not a place. It is not a different place. It is not a physical place. The Master teachers come into this world to help us to awaken - awaken for them. When Lord Buddha was in the world (the word ‘Buddha' means ‘to be awake'), they started a sole religion after a person who remembered who he was one day and woke up. Someday, I hope we will all begin to remember who you are. When we do, we will change the world and through awareness of who we are, we will be reunited with the Divine spark within us.

Rev. John White is an Interfaith Minister who lives in Lily Dale, New York. Lily Dale is a village of psychics. he has appeared on mnay TV and radio shows.

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