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The Voyage

by Pamela Hubly

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Editor's Note: Martin Luther King, Jr. once wrote:"The only way that we can really achieve freedom is to conquer our fear of death" It is a journey that one day we all must take. Below is one person's approach to the journey which celebrates our spirit nature rejects fear."

One day an important person comes up to you and says a very strange but interesting thing. He says that "they" have been watching you for some time now and they feel they need you to work on an important project. The project is located in a country quite a distant from here but you are the only one that has all the qualifications needed. They have everything that you will need, free transportation, free medical care, clothing, a place to stay, etc. It is important that you come because this project will help a great deal of people and you are the one that can do it the best. They know that it is sudden - "right out of the blue" - and not something that you were expecting at all. There are a number of other people working on this project, and they are hopeful that you will come and help out. They are very excited about your coming and have planned a big party just for you. All preparations have been made such as: who is going to meet you; where you are going to stay; and the part of the project you are going to working on.

There is one problem though. Although communications are excellent there, people at home have problem getting messages. Telephone calls are made and e-mails sent, but people at home don't answer or the computers don't work or they seem to be too busy doing things to listen and read the messages. However, there are usually a few messages that get through to let them know that you are okay and happy. Also there are a few special operators that relay the message to the people at home, if the people at home take the time to search out the operators.

The project may take quite a while to complete and once you are there, you make friends and feel more at home. It is often difficult to leave and go back home because you are working on a project you love. Your family can come and visit you or even stay, anytime, and help with the project. But it is important that they are ready to help with the project, if they wish to stay. The project works best when people with the right abilities come at the right time. It could be that they are working on their own projects at home and need more skills to help out with this project. When they are ready to help out with the project, they will be notified and free transportation will be arranged.

Your first reaction is probably complete denial, "Are you crazy? I'm not going anywhere". But as you think about it and do a little research you start to think, "Yes, it does look very good, a chance of a lifetime." There are a few relatives there and some friends are already there working on the project. They report that they are having a grand time and enjoying every minute. They say that they can hardly wait to see you. You start to think, maybe this is not so bad after all.

You decide to go but you have to do some preparation. You need to get your papers in order and make sure that things will be okay at home. You visit all your friends and let them know that you are planning to go away to do some important work and although you will miss them, you will be doing what you've always wanted to do and you will try to keep them posted. You talk to your family about all the neat stuff you've done together, take some pictures for them and you, let them know that you love them, but that your participation is needed in the project and only you can do it. You might have a big party, invite all your friends, and laugh and dance and sing.

The time draws closer that you have to go. Your mind is partly on what it will be like where you are going and partly those last minute details at home that you need to finish up.

The morning of departure arrives. Your family and a few friends go to see you off. You turn to them and say good-bye, give them a kiss and proceed to your transportation. You feel sad upon leaving but anxious to start your new adventure. You are surprised to see who is waiting for you. An old friend that you hadn't seen in years. You can't believe how good she looks. She says that she to has been working on the project and is having a great time and is so happy to see you. You turn to wave to your family and friends as they get smaller and smaller. You ask your friends about the project and you feel like this is what you've always wanted to do in your whole life. You say,"Gee. I feel like I'm home. I'm going to like this so much".

Your family goes home and of course thinks about you quite a bit. They are sad that you have left but happy that you got such a wonderful opportunity to use your skills with such wonderful people to look after you. Your family knows that they will go to visit you a little later and see how you are doing. They hope to hear from you as soon as possible but realize that you will need a little time to meet people and adjust to your new surroundings. They look forward to hearing from you and planning to visit you someday down the road.

Pamela, an avid reader of the 'Times' lives in Halifax. This was written in way to communicate with family.

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