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What is Energy Work?

by Sandra Walsh and Carol Layton

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Today it is almost like one hears it everywhere ... energy work, energy balancing, energy chakras, energy-massage, Reiki, and the list goes on. Courses are offered in many shapes and colors teaching about energy, relaxation, improving health, and even healing. How does one begin to decide fact from fiction, genuine from false claims?

On a scientific note, it is not surprising that we respond so well to energy work when one considers that billions of chemical reactions take place in our bodies every second. With each chemical reaction energy is either absorbed or released. By introducing energy to the system, this automatically necessitates chemical changes accompanied by a release of energy. This energy could be in the form of stress, anxiety, or emotional releases. Healing energy is available to us all and exists in the atmosphere in the same way television waves, radio waves, ultra-violet waves, or other electromagnetic radiation exists. As one is opened to energy work, one becomes an antenna and may transmit rays for the purpose of growth, healing, or transformation.

Information provided by the Atlantic Usui Reiki Association is as follows: "The Universal life force energy of Reiki has an intelligence of its own and goes to where it is needed in the individual being healed. It comes from an unlimited source. It is not limited by the practitioner's mind, abilities, or state of health. The recipient is the one who accepts and controls the healing. If at a deeper soul level they have desire to be healed, and the timing is perfect for them, a complete healing can occur. The Reiki energy does what it has to do for the person. Their body draws the energy it needs - reawakening its ability to heal itself. The Reiki energy manages its own flow to and within the recipient. It has the unique ability to be self balancing within the body. Although Spiritual in nature, Reiki is not religion and can be practiced or experienced by anyone regardless of their religious orientation without conflict in their creator."

On a similar note, let us look at meditation and prayer. These are recognized connections to the universal life force, whether we call it God, goddess, angels, higher power, Buddha, etc.. We can choose to connect to a positive, loving energy, an unlimited source of love, information, peacefulness, forgiveness, for the highest good of all. Some of us do not meditate or pray, but we have all heard of the benefits for those who do. There are many meditation techniques, some requiring time and practice. Even the term "gut feeling" or "hunch", a deep-down knowing of what it is that we want or need, is a type of connection. Energy works on a similar subtle level. Energy work is yet another step, a higher form of meditation.- an intuitive aspect with a deeper connection. A true energy worker has learned to tap into the universal life force and offer its benefits to you.

What should one expect from an energy work session? Generally energy work is done on a massage table, and is a laying-on-of hands technique done through the clothing. Usually enhanced with soothing music, soft lighting, and candles, depending on the practitioner. Every client experiences the session differently, for everyone is different. The energy practitioner is only the facilitator of this energy, the client subconsciously controls where or how to utilize it. Clients can experience a variety of sensations depending upon their needs, to include sensations of warmth, coolness, emotional release, relaxation, to that of a wonderful release of pain. Energy work can help clear the body of unwanted stresses before ailments occur, as well as work on healing bodies of discomfort, disease, and pain.

Energy work is nothing to be afraid of. Fear comes from misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, or preconceived notions. It is a whole new world of possibilities which embraces an excitement, joy, and enthusiasm for life. Call your nearest Wellness Center to ask questions. Wellness Centers can offer a wide variety of holistic practices. Listen, get the facts, and go where your heart guides you.

Sandra and Carol are practitioners with "The Natural Healing Wellness Center", Wilmot, NS, 902-825-2700

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