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Colour is Light

by Ann Lowrie Ph.D (A.M.)

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Colour is Light.
It is a science of selective vibrational frequencies.
It can effect changes in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.
Even when you are not looking at a colour, its frequencies are at work
engulfing you in a host of energies that are in your auric field.
For colour is not only the shade and hue of an object,
colour is its shape and colour is its texture.
It is the contour of your chesterfield, the placement of your furniture,
the pattern of your home.
It is the sound of a voice, the harmony of a concerto, the gentleness of a lullaby.
It is also the cacophony of noise.
You may experience the effects of the vibration of colour in
the frequency of numbers in street signs, telephone books, dollar bills.
You may not be aware of all the ways your aura is being impinged upon
by these many currents all at once.
Look in the mirror. Place a colour behind you.
Check out how you feel, how you respond to it.
Are you comfortable, energetic, calm, excited happy?
Colour will be affecting you emotionally even if you are not aware of it.
The colours around you may be vitalizing you system or even perhaps devitalizing it.
Yellow could make you feel jumpy, green constrained, orange jolly,
These are valid feelings that may be attributed to different colour frequencies.
If you want to rest, you may not like red in your space; but if you want to make
things happen, you will reach out for this colour.
Take a rest in a dark room. Pull the curtains, shut out all the invisible noise.
Darkness is the void. It has taken away everything but itself.
It can be your friend when you are over-stimulated.
It is the colour of the Great Night
where everything is germinating.
Yes, colour is what you see, but also what you don't see.
It is manifest in light and it is hidden in darkness.
It is camouflaged in everything around us.

Audrey Ann Lowrie Ph.D.(A.M.) is director of

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