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Spiritual Healing and Energy Work: A Review

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Scientific and Spiritual Healing

Electrical impulses recorded by Kirlan Photography reveal an aspect of us that, as a society, we have not been aware of. These are the subtle emanations seen by psychics and felt by spiritual healers.

In the West, modern scientific healing, has, for close to a century, emphasized drugs, surgery and technology. Spiritual healing has taken a back seat, and has been a source of skepticism. Religious healing has, however, survived in some cultures in the form of Shamans, witch doctors, faith healers, Sufism and so in Oriental countries is integrated with medical models.

In our society, the split between scientific and religious healing has continued until just recently. Modern medical scientists have begun to be curious about the body, mind and spirit connection. Carl and Stefanie Simington, Dr. Bernard Grad, and Dr. Raymond Moody have made great strides in this respect.

Bio Feedback

Bio Feedback is an example of consciousness training. The Green's, who did extensive research in bio feedback, coined the phrase ‘science of consciousness.' With bio feedback, we can train ourselves to warm our bodies, flush out cancer cells or quit smoking through visualizations.

Laying on of hands is a timeless form of spiritual healing that crosses most religious faiths. Today, spiritual healing is often dismissed as ‘a miracle', a product of ‘divine intervention' OR the condition that was healed is considered to now be ‘merely psychosomatic,' OR the healing is considered to be a spontaneous regression of the disease.

Drs. Elmer and Alyce Green, Sr. Justa Smith, Delores Krieger and Dr. Bernard Grad have gone a long way to place spiritual healing more in the main stream by de-mystifying it. Sr. Justa Smith has proven that a spiritual healer can change the biological structure of enzymes.

Sister Justa Smith

Her experiments started each morning taking a sample of enzymes, breaking that sample into four equal parts. The 1st sample was the control group - nothing was done to it; the 2nd sample was given to a healer to be treated; the 3rd sample was placed in a very powerful magnet; and the 4th sample was placed under an ultraviolet light to damage it's structure and then treated by the healer.

The rate at which the enzymes from each sample could then break down protein was monitored. From this observation, data was collected and results calculated. Both the hands of the healer and the magnetic energy increased the enzyme activity, whether or not the enzyme was whole or damaged.

If we learn to control this energy, we can learn to help people in ways that we have not as of yet been doing.

Dr. Bernard Grad

Dr. Bernard Grad, from McGill University, has done a number of significant plant and animal studies on laying on of hands. In his plant studies, the healer energized water that was fed to half of the plants studied. The plant activity was then monitored in both the control and experimental groups. There was observed to be a significant increase of green matter of chlorophyll in the treated plants.

Delores Kreiger

Grad's plant studies inspired Delores Kreiger, a professor of nursing at NYU, to measure haemoglobin similarly treated in human patients. She did several large studies in New York Hospitals. One study involved 64 patients. Half were treated with therapeutic touch and half were treated as a control group, receiving no therapeutic touch treatment.

The experimental group were individually asked which part of their bodies needed treatment. The trained therapist group proceeded to feel the patient's electro magnetic field and then directed their energies to where they and the patient felt imbalances.

The energies of love and compassion are allowed to flow freely from the therapist to patient through this method. Samples of blood were taken before and after treatment in both the control and experimental groups. Haemoglobin values and the hematic ratios were measured. No changes in the 32 in the control group occurred. However, all 32 in the experimental group had measured changes in the haemoglobin value and in the hematic ration.

With more haemoglobin, the body's metabolism is that much more efficient. This also means that we are much more intimately connected to each other than we had ever imagined. This connection is much too subtle for out current means of measurement to be effective in assessing it.

Personal Experiment

Take a moment and put your own hands together in a prayer position. Now pull your hands a part and feel the energy between them. At home you can energize a cotton wad and place that on any body part needing attention. Before eating you can place your hands over your food and energize it to be healthy, healing and ask that you absorb only all that is good from it. As you think, so it is. That is what visualization is all about.

Effie Chow

If this energy is of an electrical nature, then where does it come from? For answers to this, we must look to the East where they have systems of healing based on using this force. Effie Chow is world famous for her use of chi in healing. Barry and I witnessed her releasing crippling arthritis from a lady, who had it for ten years. It took her only 3 minutes to release the energy and heal the women's arthritis.

Chakras: Visualizations, Observation and Meditation

Chakras are energy centres that emanate this energy more strongly than other centres of the body. We can demonstrate this with diving rods. When you hold diving rods over each chakra point, the rods will either cross or open in response to the energy. Through visualization we can direct and focus this energy to do what we want it to do. In the healing touch, the crux of the treatment takes place in the mind of the healer where they visualize what needs to happen.

Observation is the next skill that happens. When centred, the healer can observe and evaluate reasonably accurately where the patient needs to have energy focussed. As a healer, we can sense differences in the energy field of the patient - this is not a diagnosis based on a classification system as a doctor would do - but it is an evaluation of imbalances perceived in energy.

We do not stop at our skin. There is a definitive mind to mind and spirit to spirit connection between the patient and the healer. The basics of making this connection are visualization, observation and meditation. You must visualize in your mind what needs to be done, observe where in the patient it needs to occur, and then centre yourself so you can focus on directing that healing energy to where it needs to go. Visualization is at its best as prayful visioning - asking the Divine for healing as it is for the person's best good.

The Healer

As a healer, you are your own sounding board. You have to trust in your own intuitive judgements. Therefore, your motivations have to be pure of heart and altruistic. You have to do it, not because you need love, but because you want to love - ego free and other centred.

Psychic or spiritual healing opens the door to new unlimited human potential in both the healer and the patient. As the field of laying on of hands is studied more scientifically, we stand to gain as a human race, far beyond our current imagination can visualize.

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